An Apartment and a Half

I'm skipping ahead in our NYC adventure to apartment hunting today, because it's exciting news.  Nope, we haven't signed anything yet...but we have two good options.

At least it seems we may...we'll know more tomorrow.

First up is a nice two bedroom that will be available June 15.  Perfect date and the price is more than right, it's downright incredible.  It's not in our #1 choice location, but close to--and the area is decent.  A bit of a walk to amenities, but not bad at all.  It's under complete renovation right now, so you gotta use your imagination!

Kitchen.  There may be a new counter top and sink, the cabinets will be touched up, and there will be a new fridge and new flooring.

Bathroom.  There will be a sink and vanity!  The entire tub area may be tiled as well.

The living room.  It's layout is a bit complicated, but it's a good size, the ceiling fan is a HUGE plus and there is a big closet.  There is also a big closet in the entryway.

The master bedroom.  There is no ceiling fan in here, and actually doesn't have a closet, but it's on the corner so it's got another window on the left wall and is big - would easily fit our king sized bed, a desk and a Ikea-type closet.

This would be Henry's room.  Slightly smaller than the Master, an okay-sized closet and a ceiling fan.

Check out those beautiful floors!  All the floors will be redone and all the walls will be painted.

And here is the outside of the building.  There are, I believe, 4 apartments in it, should we choose this one we would be on the bottom floor.  Ideal for a family.  The outside door is leads into a small entry way where our mailboxes also are, then up just a few stairs and through a locked door into a hallway type area where the door to our apartment would be along with stairs up to the 2nd floor.

We like this apartment.  It's a great size and we like the idea of everything being new/redone.  Plus the price is a couple hundred below our max budget.

However....on the way out of this building Broker Kim got a phone call from a landlord she has dealt with more in the past.  This apartment is in our #1 choice location...and the price, while not as incredible as the above apartment, it is also very good and below our budget.  And, this landlord is the type that does not ever raise the price on her current tenants.  Also on the first floor...of a house.  So....

The lady there is the landlord.  She is Greek, barely speaks English.  Her son lives downstairs and her daughter upstairs.  She loved Henry.  She is very, very sweet.  She has told our Broker if we want it, we've got it.  She wants us in her apartment.

That would be our front door.

And to the left there would be a little garden area.  Yes.  OUTDOOR SPACE.  Drool.  The landlord maintains all these beautiful flowers all over the front garden and up the stairs.

Oh...but wait...there is more.  There is a BACKYARD.

Well, not a yard, but space.  Enough for quite a few plants (the current tenant had plants along where Joe took this picture) and space for a GRILL.  And enough room for a little boy to ride on a toy or perhaps go down a plastic slide.  :)

Just around the corner from the apartment

The location is superb.  It's right around the corner from the main shopping street in the area (pictured above).  Steps from a heavenly smelling bakery, laundromat, grocery stores and more.  We were able to enter the front door into an entry way sort of area that the landlord has decorated, it was very homey and there was a front closet we would have use of.  We couldn't get inside the actual apartment because the current tenant was not home and asked the landlord not to enter the apartment unless she was home.  Our broker has rented this apartment in the past, so she explained it to us.  It is smaller than the first apartment we saw today, and doesn't have as many closets, but could still work for us well.

We have some pros and cons to weigh.  Location + outdoor space + a landlord we know that loves us, and we like her OR indoor space + slightly cheaper.

Currently we are leaning for the location + outdoor space + a landlord we know that loves us.  I never expected to get outdoor space...let alone enough for a garden!  Tomorrow we will see the inside of the apartment and then we'll decide for sure.


  1. I love the second one too! So happy to hear from you. It really is crazy how much I have missed hearing from you! Good luck with everything and I hope that the second apartment is everything you want! That would be awesome that you could even have a garden to save on some of the costs ;).

  2. I like the homey apt. with the nice landlord that loves you guys! Great plus with an outdoor space, no matter how small in NYC! excited for the family!

  3. I love the second one! Outdoor space will be more important as Henry grows, and looks like you might even be able to fit a small turtle sandbox for tonka sumptruck digging! Or the slide as you suggested. Plus all those flowers! Oh how pretty!

  4. Thanks for the input!

    Shanan - very good point on the garden. I was thinking flowers at the time, but I could TOTALLY have a little veggie garden growing there...there is plenty of room. And that excites me b/c it's something I have wanted to do!!

    Tami - thank you! I was so surprised to have outdoor space in our price range, it's very, very rare.

    Jen - We could fit a little sandbox! That's a great point! He's not much into sandboxes now, but I bet he would be if we had one and threw some trucks in there....I like.

    We are going to see it in just 3 hours, I'll be sure to Tweet/FB after we see it, then post a blog later today too!

  5. Yeah, the second one sounds sweet, and more homey and welcoming.

    Also, the sense that I got from the photos makes me think that the 2nd one has a little more cultural flair and is more inviting.