Apartment decorating tips?

Does anyone have any apartment decorating tips?

I'm under the weather today, so I've been spending my time being chill on the computer - researching out decorating ideas/making the most of limited space.  So far I have found two sites with some great ideas: Ikea Hacker and Apartment Therapy.  Apartment Therapy is sometimes a little beyond my budget, but it does give some great ideas to spawn from.

Spawn is a fun word, eh?

There are other sites out there, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything rather than me Googling for hours on end.... or if you have great space saving/storage creating ideas - please share!!

Here is a growing list of ideas I have found - a resource for me.
I just found this on a site "5. To save space in the kitchen use pretty hooks (can be found for pennies in New York's second hand shops) to hang your pots and pans on the wall. This will free up your cabinets for food or whatever else you need to store. Plus, hanging the pots and pans gives your kitchen wall a great, three dimensional arty look!"  Seems like an obvious tip, but one I hadn't thought of.  I had thought of a shelf or something instead, which could still work, but I do like the idea of the pretty hooks...they don't have to match, but all have some sort of theme to tie them together.  There is enough space on the wall opposite of the counter top...the one I failed to get a picture of.

Or...maybe get some pegboard, spray paint it a fun color that goes with our decor and just use simple hooks.  I can picture that, along with a shelf for cookbooks, the crock pot, and other larger/bulky items that I still want in the kitchen.  Hmmm....

I also noticed this space next to our stove:

I wonder if I can squeeze in some sort of shelf there?  Something L shaped to take advantage of both the back wall and the wall under the window.  An Ikea Hack perhaps! :)  I'm also thinkin' after a while I'll ask to switch out the hardware on the cabinets, saving the current ones to replace when we move out.

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