Good Morning

Just wanted to post a quick note...today we have a meeting with another Broker (Peter) who I know has a really beautiful apartment, but we aren't so keen on the location.  Hopefully the location is better than we think, and/or he has more to show us than that one.  We are also awaiting a call back from Broker Kim on the excellent location apartment in Astoria...and maybe anything else she gets new today or digs up.  Aside from that, we are about to dine on breakfast sandwiches, will enjoy our slow morning, and perhaps fulfill another request of Henry and go see the Brooklyn Bridge later today.  Joe will post more pictures later...


  1. I'm praying for you guys to find a great place. And that as you just keep on doing what you're doing that the right place will just come to you, or even pop out of nowhere, and will sit well with you both and even with Henry, and you'll know it's the right one!

    Be blessed and have fun!

  2. looking forward to seeing the new pics, with the home you talked about on fb. This one was really pretty! To bad about the location. :(