June 15 is the day

One-way tickets have been purchased.
The movers have been booked.

June 15 is the day!

(now we just gotta pack...!)


  1. Hi Brook - I really don't remember anyone here giving you permission to move away - lol!!
    Which Apartment did you pick? I see the pne below and the "apartment 1.2" to the right - which I really like by the way :)

    will miss you -Karin

  2. LOL :)

    We picked the one shown in this post: http://www.joeandbrook.com/2010/05/home-sweet-home.html It's the one we just saw the outside of that one day, the "half an apartment". It's super cute!

    I miss you guys! I'm terrible at coming to see people, the timing never works out. :P