NYC Arrival day summary

So we arrived on time with uneventful plane ride, but that was the end of uneventful things. Our only task today was to get to Shawn's apartment, so we found the M60 bus and hopped on along with every other person in the city, but our bus mates were quite nice with one guy that lent his portable game system to Henry for the duration of our ride. We got on the N train in Astoria and headed into Manhattan. We didn't realize the train turned into an express train once it got into Manhattan so naturally, we missed our stop, had to get off, hit up two elevators and hit the local train back to the 23rd street stop, got off and promptly lost where the bus stop was for our next leg of our trip so we decided to walk - which turned out to not be too bad of a walk. We go to his apartment and were wowed by the views:

We settled in a bit and then went out for dinner at a cool Italian place (no I didn't have pizza yet) and some ice cream on the way back - we now settling in for the night and getting ready for tomorrow's apartment finding gala.

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