NYC Day 2

Sorry for the long delay but we were so tired last night that we couldn't post anything.

So we woke up late and took a leisure morning, had breakfast sandwiches from the grocery store just outside Shawn's front door - very tasty! We then left to go on our apt finding adventure by swinging by the rental office for the building complex down the street from Shawn's just to see if it was anywhere near our budget - um, no. The first sign should have been the application sheet's salary range box starting at almost twice what I currently make. We then promptly left on a train to Astoria - more our price range.

We met up with our agent and she took us to the first place on her list. It was a small 3 bedroom place in a neighborhood that didn't have many amenities and was about a 12 minute hike to the train, not too bad but it was a bit small and we just didn't have a good feeling about it, so we passed on this one (here's some pics):

Our broker actually didn't have any apatments to look at after this, but as were were heading back to her office, she got a call from another lady with something for us and so we went over to go look at it. We went in and immediately found that it was a great place, not too bad of a location and pretty good size. As we were walking out, our broker told us that the land lord had told her while we were in there looking at the place that she didn't want kids in her unit so we had to walk away from that place - we have some pics, but I won't take the time to post those now, sorry folks.

We then walked around Astoria for a while, getting a feel for the area, probably spent an hour or so walking around.

After this, we headed back into Manhattan and decided to go to central park to take care of a few of Henry's requests, a hotdog from a hotdog stand and a juice and some play time.

After this we traveled to Madison Square Park for some burgers from the Shake Shake - mmmmmmmm goood! Which took like an hour in line but it really was worth it! After this we were just wiped out and decided to turn in for the evening. Hopefully will post today's activities later tonight, but we're off to go get something to eat.

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  1. I look pregnant in one of those pics...which I am NOT. Just to make sure it's clear. It's a mix of a bad angle and an extra 15 pounds I need to loose! :)