10 years in Hutchinson

After reading Brook's post below, I realized I should be posting something about the last 10 years of my life.

I started attending Word of Life church in the summer of 2000 with a couple of my good friends.  This marked the beginning of my stay in Hutch - soon after I moved to Hutch.  It was a big move for a small-town kid who hadn't really been out on his own.  I can't count college because I was home every weekend and didn't really consider it home, this was different.  I moved because after attending WOL for a time, I realized my life needed exposure to this kind of preaching, I was growing spiritually and needed to be close to my church home.

Over the years, I became one of the audio technicians in the church, attended Bible school (SMTI), worked youth lock-ins, worked at the skate park, headed up the singles ministry (briefly) and attended every service I could.  I owe the members of WOL my spiritual maturity and I am greatly thankful for all the prayers and support over the years.  Thank you all who played a part in that.  Had I not made this move back then, I think I would still have been spiritually weak, lacking a good foundation.  I will take what I know and what has been imparted to me into this next stage in life and pray I can take these tools to others in need as well as continue to grow building on these things.

I did not take lightly the decision to move to NYC, it was a long and often tumultuous road that Brook had to struggle through as she has always had her heart set on the city.  I had to peel away the natural benefits to see the real reason for the move.  I could have went based only on the fact that I won't have to rely on someone to give me a ride to the store for food, but that is not a reason enough.  I could have went just for the opportunity in the job market, but my riches don't come from man.  One day while praying, God showed me the thing that pushed me over the edge; He showed me there's someone there that needs me, not because there's nobody else there, but there's nobody else there that has my exact attitude, knowledge or perspective on life.  He encouraged me that I wasn't doing this for me, even though I get to enjoy all it's benefits too.

There's no doubt this will be an adventure and lots of challenges along the way!  Again thank you all back in MN for your prayer and support, we will miss seeing you and will look forward to visiting in the future. God bless!

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  1. Julie Barthelemy6/16/2010 4:22 PM

    It is so wonderful to hear your testimony about the moves to Hutch and NYC. I'm glad that Brook has married such a wonderful man. We will be praying for your family.