Bye Hutchinson!

Yesterday was a long day.  Full of people and emotions...and dirt.

The morning started up as any regular Sunday, except that Joe was home.  It was a pleasant treat having him home on a Sunday morning - he's usually off at church early to work with the sound equipment for the praise and worship team.  During church Pastor prayed over Joe and I as that was our last service.  I didn't think I would start to cry, I am not sad leaving Hutchinson...yes, I will miss people, absolutly! But, overall, I'm excited - I never felt at "home" in Hutch, so to me it almost feels like I've been visiting and now I'm returning home to NYC.  However, Pastor's words hit me hard - he prayed for our exact need - and just all the emotion of it ALL was enough to make the tears spill over.

It was needed.  Those tears have been built up for days...weeks...months...years.

This is really happening.  We are m-o-v-i-n-g.  Tomorrow!

Leaving church was a long process.  Saying goodbye to everyone, and I KNOW there are people I wanted to speak to, but didn't.  People I wanted to hug, but didn't.  That is the hardest part.  But, those people know I love them dearly.

We had a bunch of errands to run after church, including helping get rid of our couches, dropping off some food and tables.  Joe cleaned the car, we sold it, then got busy on the house.  I honestly didn't think it would take very long to clean the house - afterall, it was nearly empty!  It took FOUR hours.  Say what?!  It didn't take that long with stuff in it!  But, its nicely cleaned - all the floors, the shelves in the cabniets, the fridge and freezer, etc.  Hopefully that will make the new owners move-in day more enjoyable.

Around 7:00 we were done.  Joe's Mom picked us up and we are staying at her house today and then she will take us to the airport tomorrow morning.  It feels great to be done....it's still a bit hard to believe this day is finally here.  I'm exhausted.  All the physical work, combined with the emotional.  This morning I'm sort of recharging, drinking coffee and just pouring myself out a bit here....a bit of alone time...well, with a two year old and a stinky diaper. ;-)

To friends in Hutchinson - we will miss seeing your smiling faces.  Joe has been in Hutch for a very long time, it's strange to him not to be there.  Thank you for supporting him all these years, and supporting us in this move.  We love you and will see you in November when we are back for a visit.  I'm not sure what day exactly we'll be back, but I'll let 'cha know.

To friends in St. Cloud - most of you who I never got to see recently, or give a hug to.  I love you - you are like my family and always will be, no matter if I see you or not, or how many miles separate us.  You know me deeply, unlike any other, and still love me.

EVERYONE is more than welcome to visit us in New York.  Our doors are open to you!

Gotta go change that stinky.  I'll post again as soon as I can - with pictures of the new place!

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  1. Julie Barthelemy6/16/2010 4:29 PM

    You have always been an awesome friend and sister to me and you will continue to be. I'm am glad that the miles can't separate our friendship, how lonely it would be if they could. I am happy for you and your family being able to move back to NYC. i will continue to pray for you all there. Love you!