"Bye toys!"

"Bye toys!" is what Henry said when he realized the ABF boxes were gone.

"Where did your toys go?"

"New York City!!!!" he said excitedly.

Yep.  Our stuff is gone and we are excited!

Packing day went pretty well.  On Wednesday, when the cubes arrived we packed from 9:30 pm to 1:00 am.  Then Joe was up and at 'em at 7:00 am and went STRAIGHT until Noon.  He didn't even stop for coffee.  I packed what was left in the house, made sure we had everything, took care of Henry (until he went to a friend's house) and assisted Joe - my job was a lot, but nothing compared to what Joe did.  And ya, it was raining for the last two hours...yippee.

As per ABF's advice we had everything done by noon.  We had called them around 8:30 am to let them know we'd be done.  The cubes were supposed to be picked up fairly early in the day so they could get en-route to NYC, otherwise, they tell us they might not make it in time.

We waited around until about 2:00 pm...no ABF.  So, we went over to pick Henry up and were there until 4:30.  We come back home and the cubes were not gone!  Ugh.  Another 2 phone calls, transferred to the dispatch center who then told me to call the terminal - "I just did and got transferred to you!")...they connected with the driver...he was on his way.  Finally.  So, around 7:00 pm they were picked up.  My husband worked like a dog for no reason.  I was a little irritated (and honestly, still am.)

But they are gone.  And that's what matters.  ABF is supposed to call today to talk about the timeline, but guess what?  They haven't called!  Surprised?  Me neither. 

As and end result yesterday, our house was empty (pretty-much) but a disaster with random papers, pieces of tape, etc.

I've cleaned up a bit, but there is still plenty to do!!

In four days we'll be living in New York City!


  1. That is awesome that Henry is so excited!

    Note to self never do business with ABF! What a nightmare! I hope they arrive on time to make up for all the problems in MN.

  2. It is really fun that's he has caught onto our excitement!

    The ordeal with ABF has been a pain! I read so many raving reviews of them, and overall it seems they do a very good job - I think we have been having so many problems because we don't live in, or just outside of, a major city. BUT, if they were going to have problems delivering and picking up the cubes to us out here in the sticks they should have never told us they could in the first place. Joe called the terminal shortly after I wrote the blog and we were happy to hear the cubes did go out last night and were on their way to Pennsylvania. It currently appears they should make it in time...so far, so good! :)