Cubes Squared

Today, just as Henry was waking up from his nap, a giant truck pulled up to our house and delivered 2 ABF ReloCubes.  He was pretty excited to see all the action!

The cubes are 6 feet deep by 7 feet wide by 8 feet tall.  They appear smaller from the outside, but really seem pretty big once you open it up.

Henry explained to me how we pack our things inside.  Even after his oh-so clear instructions, I still think I'll leave the job to DaDa.

I've been dealing with the phone calls with the movers.  Coordinating with ABF and then with the local movers on the NYC side has been an interesting task.  When I first contacted ABF I told them I didn't care what day they delivered the cubes to us, we just wanted them to arrive in NYC by the 16th.  The representative we spoke to said we would get them on the 7th and have them picked up on the 9th.  Then we surely would have them by the 16th.  Sounds good.

A couple weeks ago ABF calls and moves our date back to be delivered on the 9th, and we have to have them picked up by Friday the 11th in order for them to arrive in NYC by the 16th.  Alrighty.

Now they are saying we have to have them ready by TOMORROW, Thursday the 10th...and they might not get there by the 16th.

I've spoken to several people at ABF and gotten way too much information about how their systems work, and why they can't do this or that, and why our things might not arrive by the 16th...all that stuff that I, honestly, don't really care about.  All I want them to do is to abide by what they told me and make it right.  Hopefully they will.

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