Getting Closer

We have been packing and packing around here.  It has actually gone very smoothly - hopefully that translates to a smooth UN-packing on the other side as well.

Henry has been his usual helpful self in packing,

A wheel from a truck.  I tried to convince him more can fit in the box...

Grammy KK took Henry overnight Friday-Saturday so Joe and I were able to truly get a LOT done.

All we have left is one more box in Henry's room, 2 downstairs and then all the "last minute" items - like bedding, the few dishes we have kept out, etc.

Our big moving pods are being delivered on Wednesday, we hope to get them all packed Thursday morning.  Then Friday-Monday we'll be living in a completely empty house and Tuesday we fly out!  It's hard to believe our lives will be completely different in just over a week.

I think Henry is actually looking forward to not having a bathtub.  He's been enjoying our practice showers.

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