Moving - by henry

Grammy and Poppa dropped us off at the airport.  Mommy, Dada and Grammy were all crying.  I didn't quite understand why everything was so sad though.  I waved goodbye and we went into the airport.  We passed by a cool playground, but Mommy said we didn't have time to play - maybe later.  Dada and I sat down and watched the iPad while Mommy went and got coffee and snacks.  Dada took me to the playground, but I only got to play for a few minutes, Mommy needed us.  I played around the waiting chairs and watched the planes instead.  It was fun.  Then it was our turn to get on the plane.  We waited for a long time, but Mommy gave me my camera that Grandma Dar gave me and it took REAL pictures!

A guy.

Mommy didn't like the waiting.  She was being silly.

We started to move a little bit.  I beeped when the plane backed up.

A Ba-Mo! (Mommy's edit: ba-mo = motorcycle.  And this isn't a motorcycle at all, but a scooter.  Close enough for a 2 year old though!)

We weren't allowed to watch the iPad yet and I was bored.  But look, Mommy had ANOTHER surprise for me!

It's BUZZ!
When the plane took off I said, "Bye Grammy!" and I blew her a kiss.  I played with Buzz and some stickers for a while, then we were allowed to watch the iPad.  I watched Monsters Inc.  It's funny.  Then I wanted to take another picture.

My pants.

The plane started moving up and down, up and down.  I got tired and closed my eyes.

Mommy must have taken that one.

When I woke up,


the plane was stopped.  Mommy and DaDa were eating.  I was hungry, but really tired.  Eventually I ate.

It was yummy.  Ham sandwich.

DaDa liked his too.

I was really happy after I ate.  Mommy gave me fruit snacks!
The plane took off again and we watched more on the iPad.  It was fun.

Planes are big.

When the plane stopped again I asked Mommy if we were in New York City.  "Yep" she said.

DaDa was being really funny.  I think he was tired.

We waited for our suitcases.  Mommy changed my diaper too.

No suitcases yet.

My pants.  Again.

My suitcase!
Pretty soon we had all our suitcases and we walked to where there were lots of taxi cabs.  DaDa and all the suitcases got in one that looked like a van.  Mommy and me waited for the bus.

We had to wait a looooooooong time.  I wanted to run around, but Mommy wouldn't let me.  It was hard to sit nice.  The lady sitting next to Mommy liked me.  She was nice.

I wanted to play with Mommy's phone, but she wouldn't let me.
The bench we sat on had some letters on it.  I told Mommy which ones they were.

A bus did come.  We got on with lots of other people.  Mommy had to stand and hold me.  I held onto her very tight like a good boy.  Then the bus driver stopped very quickly and Mommy told the bus driver to not do that.  She wasn't too happy he was a bad driver.  A nice man near us stood up and we sat down.  People said some not so nice things about the bad bus driver.  I looked out the window and saw lots of things.  I saw a digger!

Pretty soon we got off the bus and walked for a little while.  I took a nap.  When Mommy took me out of the stroller I saw all the pretty flowers outside of our new house.  I got out of my stroller and went inside, there was DaDa!!!  Mommy started to take pictures of the new house with her camera, so I did too.

This is the floor in my bedroom.

I'm not sure what that funny thing in my bedroom is.

Mommy kept saying she was tired and hungry, but she was smiling a lot.  So was DaDa.

Here is Mommy and DaDa's room.

We went to eat pizza across the street.  Mommy got something with sausage, but I didn't like it.  DaDa's was better.  We stopped the grocery store and bought me some tube yogurt (Mommy's edit: GoGurt).  Then we went back home.  It was time for sleeping.

DaDa unpacked some of my clothes for bedtime.
Here is Mommy's suitcase, she got her jammies on too.

I fell asleep very quickly.  I slept in the same bed as Mommy and DaDa.  They have to move me a few times during the night.  I'm not sure why.  I think I heard Mommy tell DaDa that she almost fell off the bed.  DaDa said something about me sleeping horizontally.
In the morning DaDa was all dressed up like he was going to church, but Mommy said he was going to his new big office and he'd be back in a little while.  He went and got coffee and donuts first though!  I had a chocolate one!

After DaDa left Mommy and I watched a movie on DaDa's computer.  She said soon my toys would be here.

We read some books and played a bit.  I wanted Mommy to take a picture of me in my new room.

I like it.
Mommy in my room.

Mommy took these.  They are out my windows.

Very pretty.  It smells good.

I went back to Mommy's room and watched a little bit of Cars.

Then a guy came and did something with some cords and a box.  He went outside.  Mommy said something about the internet working now so I can watch my cartoons if I wanted.

But instead of watching more cartoons, I wanted another picture in my room.

And I took one of Mommy in her room!

Then DaDa came home and Mommy said the movers would be here with my toys very soon.  I ran to the door when DaDa came.

My toys came very soon after DaDa was home and three guys brought in all our boxes and stuff.  It was neat.  They carried stuff on their backs.  I was so happy to have my toys!!  Mommy, DaDa and I ate lunch after the guys and the big moving truck went bye-bye and then I was very tired, it was nap time.  Mommy and DaDa worked on unpacking the boxes while I slept.

I like my new house.  I like New York City.


  1. Cindy Anderson6/16/2010 3:57 PM

    That is so sweet. I love this post and how it was all from Henry's point of view. Love it.

  2. Julie Barthelemy6/16/2010 4:16 PM

    I love it. New York Moving through Henry's eyes. I'm glad things are going well. have many more adventures! I want to see more from Henry's view too!

  3. Very nice perspective! Great job, Henry! Take more pics for us in Minnesota.

  4. Loved seeing the whole experience through a child's eyes. Brilliant. Thanks. And welcome to the BIG City!