Packing, packing and even more packing

We've gotten about 8 boxes full.  Which doesn't sound like much, but it truly is - we don't have much stuff left!  Probably about 12 more boxes to go.

We are using ABF ReloCubes, which are being delivered on the 7th and picked up on the 9th.  We fly out on the 15th.  So between the 10th and the 14th the Woz Household will be a very interesting place.  We can only hold back what we can bring with us on the plane.  So that means...

  • No coffeepot.
  • No cookware or dishes (except plastic ware).
  • No bed (!!  we'll use an air mattress and Henry will have to sleep with us, or...something?)
  • No furniture.
  • Only a few toys/books.
  • Possibly no car.  We have a buyer, but not sure what day we will work for them and us to make the deal.

And again, I emphasis, all this with no coffeepot.  Yikes.

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