We have a couch!

We thought we would wait another week to purchase a couch...but we didn't.  There is a furniture store down the street and they had a nice one at a decent price, so we took the bait and bought it.

It fits PERFECTLY in our little space.  Plus it folds flat to be a full sized bed.  And....


The entire couch has storage in it.

Due to the storage its not quite as soft and cushy as I like, but I'm already getting used to it.

It's amazing how perfectly it fits into the space we designated for it.  It's the exact depth and width that we had hoped for - plus it has a chaise.  Something I have always wanted.

Here is a glance at our living room a bit more organized.  We originally had the couch and the tv area swapped, but this works out much better and creates a bigger look.

One last thing...check out the store's business card:


...math nerds, this is the place for you! ;)

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  1. Wow! A couch with storage, duals as an extra bed for guests and fits perfectly! Awesome find! Ha ha Matrices...does that sound like it reads as Mattresses?!