Big Boats

Last week after Joe got off work one day we asked Henry if he wanted to go see some "big boats" - he was more than eager.  We also decided we'd take the train to Joe's new office first to see how long it took, then walk up to the "big boats" at the South Street Seaport.

While riding the N train, Henry insisted it was the R train and did his pirate face.

After a 45 minute ride we arrived in downtown Manhattan to Joe's new office building.

It's the one in the back.

On the way to the building we passed this famous site - the nation's first tavern.  It's a beautiful building.

New buildings & old buildings, I love the history here!

Joe's office.
After a nice meal at Chipotle we continued on our way, walking around the area a bit, scoping it out before heading to the seaport.

This area was loud and bustling - various bars and restaurants line the sidewalk with lots of outdoor seating in a nice alleyway.

Burger Burger.

Right next to...

Pizza Pizza.


On our way to the seaport look what we came across!  Henry was pretty excited, but kept asking where the firemen were.  They had a plaque outside the station in remembrance of the men and women from this station that lost their lives back on 9/11.  Their names were also painted on the various firetrucks.
We arrived at the seaport and I captured Henry's reaction to the giant ships.

He was pretty excited!

We let him out of his stroller and he had a blast running around.

Big boat, little boy.

Love this view of the ships and the skyline.

Henry relaxing for .07 seconds and enjoying the view.

Pirate face.

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  1. Pizza pizza... hmmm i kept expecting to be a little cartoon dude in a toga on the sign... LOL. Jen