Fireworks in Astoria Park

Back on June 30 (hard to believe that was two weeks ago!) there was an evening of fireworks in Astoria Park.  I love me some fireworks, so as soon as I heard about it, I wanted to go!  We had a very fun evening with our friends Pete and Rebekah, and their 2 children.  The kids all really enjoyed playing together.

I packed us a dinner of sandwiches, fruit, chips and lemonade.

Our view of the waterfront.

Henry being goofy and trying to pass the time before his friends Jack and Zoe arrived.

The Hellgate Bridge.  The fireworks were set off between the Hellgate and the Triborough Bridge.

Our friends arrived-as did a couple other families they know-and the kids all had a good time playing together and being silly.

Playing with the camera...I'm NOT posting the one he took of me....!

A boat with big sprays of colored water went by a few times.

This wasn't supposed to happen, that's Rebekah's water bottle!!  :)  These sort of things happen all too quickly with 2 year olds, doesn't it?  But, on a happy note, they are SHARING!

Live music.

The view up at the crowds from the waterfront.

Joe being entertained by the kids.


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