Tasty's is tasty!

Tonight Joe and I decided to try out a restaurant down the street called Tasty's.

On our way there, as we passed the bakery, Henry noticed a gal sitting outside on her break and said "Hi!" to her.  She said hello back, asked him how he was and then asked if it was okay if he had a cupcake.  Despite not yet having dinner, I said that he could.

The gal disappeared into the back door and Henry waited, watching attentively for her return, just knowing she'd have something wonderful when she came back.  He was thrilled and, without prompting, gave a very nice "thank you!" to the woman.  It was a great surprise!

Onward to Tasty's.  We didn't really know what to expect here, but were pretty happy to realize it's a diner-we always like a good diner, but with a few more sophisticated things on their menu as well.  We stuck to pretty normal diner fare - eggs, turkey bacon, potatoes and toast for Henry and I, and a burger and fries for Joe.  Tasty's was tasty.  We were not disappointed.  The check came and the price made us even happier.  Great food for a great price!  I think we've found "our spot"!  Hopefully Henry doesn't think he'll get a free cupcake from Martha's every time we go though....

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