Where'd August Go?

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OK, so over a month has gone by and we haven't posted an update here, sorry.  So we've been in the city long enough now that we decided to take a break and zoom down to our favorite little place in Orlando to celebrate Henry turning 3!  I still can't believe he's 3 already, growing up too fast!  The summer here in NY has been so HOT and it has finally cooled down to where it's more enjoyable to go out and now I can see a more of a reason for people wearing things like scarves (yes we saw people bundled up when it hit like 79 degrees) - wimps!  That doesn't explain why we went to Florida (leaving hot for even hotter and even more humid) but we still had a great time.

We are finally getting a bit settled in our new church home (Morning Star New York) and getting to meet new people and make some connections.  We are both excited to get involved in some of their small groups.  Church services have been great - challenging us in many ways - a good thing.

Henry is making new friends and enjoying the park time he gets.  Hopefully we'll be able to keep him busy in the winter when it's not so nice outside.  I think he'll be good since he is always asking for us to come in his room and play. I think he could play all day in there if we were to stay in there that long.

Brook is enjoying all the amenities of the neighborhood and city and having to look at the city differently than before - as a stay-at-home mom instead of a single city explorer as in yesteryear.  She has recently joined a moms group that plans events for stay-at-home moms in the city.  There are lots of fun things on her calendar that I find myself wishing I could attend!

I still enjoy my new job - it's challenging and so different than what I'm used to.  Having been previously employed by the same company for nearly 12 years kind of gets you stuck in a rut.  This has been a very liberating experience in that respect.  Most people complain about their commute to work, but I love it because I don't have to rely on someone else to get me there.  I also get to see interesting and sometimes freaky people nearly every day - it's fun.

Anyhow, enough for now, I'm sure Brook will be posting something soon too.  We have lots of travel plans for later this year - St. Lucia and back to MN for Thanksgiving.

Keep in touch!

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