You Know You've Arrived When...

Yesterday I was riding the train home (the N/Q train, not the pictured 7 train, though this is very close to the location where this happened) and the car I was in was pretty packed.  As I peeled my face off the guy's shoulder in front of me, I looked towards the other end of the car and noticed there was TONS of room down there.  I thought, "why is nobody pushing that way?" so a few stops later I managed to get enough room to wiggle my self down towards the open space, the whole way thinking "what's the deal with these people? Do they like each other a lot or something?" until... the wall of invisible rotting-corpse death stench cloud hit my nose and I immediately knew what everything was all about.  Down at the end of the car was sitting a man who didn't look too bad but must have made his coat from small animals and forgot to skin them properly.  Wow, ok, so yeah, no shower but I mean come on! At least you could air out a bit during the day or run under one of they many fountains in the city.  Nobody in any state of poverty should smell that bad, seriously bad!  Hello New York City!  Don't you just love it?

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  1. Ewwww...I know the kind! We have some of them in Chicago too.