Down at the Laundromat

In most any New York City laundromat there is drop off service.  You drop off your bag-o-dirties, come back later in the day to a bag-o-freshies.  It has ALWAYS amazed me that the employees at the laundromat could fold anything into a perfect little square for these drop-off people.


Even a fitted sheet.

I've seen it!  It's amazing!

So, they fold everything into this perfect little tower of squares, then precisely stack it into the bag to form a perfect square or rectangle in the bag.  It's mind-blowing.  I haven't a clue how they do it.  I've tried and tried.

Today I was in the laundromat and I saw one of the women that work there doing her own laundry.....and much to my delight, she was NOT folding everything perfectly!  Her bag of folded clothes looked like a lumpy tower, like a normal persons.  Like mine.  I even saw her fold a rug and it wasn't precise.

It totally made my day.

And with that, I gave up trying to get perfect squares and simply stuffed everything into the bag.  We hang up almost everything anyway - what's the point of folding to carry the bag for 2 blocks?!  It felt good.  Gone are my days of attempting to make perfect squares.  Hello stuff & go!

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