Tonight Joe, Henry and I adventured into Manhattan (and I'm actually typing this from a Starbucks on the Lower East Side) and we ate at the famous Katz's Delicatessen.  I've been wanting to eat here for years, and just never have made it....until tonight!

It's been open since 1888 - and it's delicious.  Katz's is known for it's HUGE pastrami sandwiches, so that's just what Joe and I ordered-and split. Joe could have eaten one all on his own (maybe...), but I quickly hit the wall as I neared the end of my half.

It's $15 for one of these babies, so they are truly banking in in their fame, but I don't blame 'em a bit...if it was cheap eats the place would be mobbed!

Brook at Katz's  

Half a pastrami  
My half. 
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Don't loose your ticket - if you do you'll be charged $50.  I don't really get it, but whatevs.  Glad I didn't loose our tickets!

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