Epcot Eats!

I left off in this Disney adventure after we had arrived at Disney's Boardwalk Villa Resort, Henry was jumping on the bed and then we headed straight out for Epcot in search of food.

We had one mission.


We were more than ready to eat and excited to try the new quick-service dining in Mexico, La Cantina.

On our way to Epcot

Through the International Gateway and through the UK where we saw

I couldn't wait to see it in the daylight! And this was before the Flower &Garden Festival had actually started, so things weren't all out yet. Henry recognized Captain Hook from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

And around the lagoon to Mexico where we easily found the entrance

It was around 8:00 pm, the nightly show, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, that night was at 9:00 pm and La Catina was PACKED!! It was unreal. Many people pile into this place in hopes to snag a table on the waterfront for Illuminations. So if you ever want to do that, be sure to arrive early and eat sloooooowly.

None of the lines were short, so we just waited our turn. When it was finally my turn a random woman came up next to me and demanded the attention of the Cast Member, speaking in Spanish, but obviously complaining about her drink. The conversation took another 5 minutes. The Cast Member kept glancing at me with an apologizing look - but couldn't shake the woman.

It was a bit annoying, but it did give Joe and Henry the time to find and snag a table.

Yes, we snagged a table before we had our food, which is kind of a Disney no-no.  Not a written rule, but after you've been to Disney so many times you pick up on the unwritten ones...if you know what I mean.  Anyway, it would have been a mess trying to find a table if we had waited - I can only imagine us trying to push the stroller balancing a tray of food through that crowd.  The dining area isn't very big and with that number of people in there it was just chaos.  And no one was stopping us from snagging a table, it was certainly the best decision for the moment and situation.

Mayhem! But, it's pretty, isn't it?

The food for some reason took quite some time to be done, but eventually it was and I found Joe and Henry easily.

Henry's choice. The kids picks are either a cheese epanada or chicken strips.

Joe's choice - Cheese epanadas. He said they were good-not great....but he also didn't leave a single bite behind.

Mine - beef tacos. HOLY MOLY. Love, love.

Yay! We are at Mickey's and we have food!

Dessert - deeeeeeeeeeeeeelish. They come with a caramel dipping sauce that is yummy too! And this is one serving - we had two baskets of these.

They also gave us one cup of nacho cheese sauce. It was just your average nacho cheese, nothing extra in it. But, standard is good.

That was a LOT of food. We all were having a great time, enjoying every bite. Henry kept eying those churros and soon it was time.

Of course, to a little boy that is not only a churro, but also a sword.

I guess it's a sword to a big boy too. ;-)

Our bellies were full. We were happy (did I mention it was 80 degrees out and BEAUTIFUL?!).

La Cantina was a hit. We really enjoyed it despite the very crowded status, it was worth dealing with the crowd for!

A few more pictures as we maneuvered our way out..

An awful picture, but you get the idea - this is the seating area over the water. It would be a wonderful spot for Illuminations! There is also that little cart on the right with napkins, straws and that sort of thing. Also has 2 types of salsa. Both were good!

No questions asked, we would eat here again.

And as a matter of a fact...we did later in the trip!

Up Next: What will our first ride be?

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