First Ride!

We left off after finishing our yummy meal at the new La Cantina restaurant in Mexico.

On our walk over to Mexico, Henry had spied one of the light up glow carts selling it's goods before the nightly fireworks show, Illuminations, and he saw a young child with a glowing sword.

Put two and two together - and yep - he wanted one!

After we finished up at La Cantina he was still itchin' for a sword, so I asked him if he wanted fireworks or sword and a ride?

I obviously wanted to get my ride on. LOL

He picked sword, of course!

But, first things first - a quick stop at the Baby Care Center..which I am ECSTATIC to report that we will not need diapers on our next trip because Henry is almost completely potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay - I have to share this. A couple weeks ago Henry started to show some signs of willingness to potty train...he would actually sit on the potty and even went in it once...which was a complete change from last time we tried. I was taking this bull by the horns and running with it - fully thinking it would result in a day of exhaustion and frustration like the many, many times before. But, all well, I'm half crazy, let's go for it! We had "boot camp potty training," an entire day dedicated to it. Lots of juice, WAY more than I ever give him, and glass after glass of milk - along with a bazillion little treats for successful attempts were readied. The boy wasn't allowed to wear pants until he at least tried - and he DESPISES not having pants on. Some tears were shed, but he got it. Again and again and again. He ROCKED that potty!

Since then things have been awesome!  He's had a few accidents, but not regularly.  He's even staying dry through the night! He is rockin' the little potty chair AND the big potties - even in public. And he's loving it all. He WANTS to do it. It's AMAZING! I am still in awe and a bit of disbelief and wonder when he does it all.

Okay - side note over - I just had to share it, we've been through countless attempts at potty training, it's seriously incredible that it's about done. I can't believe I can even say that.  Woo-hoo!

Back to Disney World! We were in the Baby Care Center...

He thought this water station was very cool.

Info pic for anyone that might need it! The Baby Care centers are very nice. The only one we haven't been in is the one at Hollywood Studios. They have a TV with cartoons, toys out, high chairs, nursing areas, changing areas, baby needs for sale and are staffed by great Cast Members.

Back outside we went straight to a glow cart where the little man got his goods!

And just an FYI - these carts only take cash.

Now it's ride time...Soarin' or Test Track?

"Test Track!" came the reply from the stroller - so off we went to our first ride of the trip! It didn't surprise me one iota that he chose Test Track as his first ride, it was a favorite from September.

"My" fountain was dancing, which put a HUGE grin on my face.

I cannot get enough of this fountain!

Ahhh, I can hear the music now.

Henry ran over to the measuring stick, even though we told him he didn't have to.

Yay! Plenty tall enough! The Cast Member here did measure him, but I think this was the ONLY time of the entire trip happened. Otherwise they would usher him right in.

That chick threw the collision test in there as a "surprise"! Tsk, tsk! ;-)

No lines! Woot!

Ready to ride!!!

Henry was so excited for the ride, he kept talking about all the different tests and rooms that you go through and was completely over dramatic when we went over the bumps and through the hot and cold rooms. It was hilarious - he was acting out what we do at home when we YouTube it.

Then we got to the lap outside. He LOVED this in September, but it completely freaked him out this time. Joe and I always put our arms criss cross over him, and he grabbed onto us so tight! He didn't say anything about it this time, so we didn't realize how scared he was until later in the trip...

Into the after show we went.

Uggggggggggggggggggh! Cars + little boys = 17 hours in the after show.  Doh!

Joe laid down the lay with Henry though, he knew I didn't like just walking around cars for 45 minutes and was about to high tail it over to Mouse Gear for some shopping!  I was grateful. Henry was allowed to sit in 3 cars and then we'd be going. I can handle that!

After we left the Test Track building Illuminations was over and WHOA! serious crowds. We walked against the flow, with a stroller, attempting to make our way to the International Gateway to make our way out the back entrance...but it wasn't working. We eventually just stopped and waited it out.

I didn't mind. I'll stay in Epcot.  Oh ya!

Within a few minutes we were on our way again and quickly we found ourselves here

Standing there, overlooking this beautiful resort area, I remember being giddy. Our trip was just starting, it was really happening! I was in Disney World!!!!! (and how I miss it now!)

Back in our room we opened our door to find our luggage! LOVE THAT.

Before we called it a night, I did some unpacking while Joe gave Henry a bath and got him ready for bed. A bath is a big highlight for Henry each trip since we don't have a bathtub at home. We bring bath toys and he spends at least 45 minutes in there splashing around.

I; meanwhile, was having a dilemma. I had been trying, without success, to formulate a plan for us to be able to run over to the Hess Gas Station (located basically across the parking lot from our hotel, and sometimes a cheaper place for snacks than at the hotels) to pick up milk and other needs before we were off to Magic Kingdom in the morning. We had planned on running to Hess on our arrival day, but a delayed flight changed those plans. So, here I was laying awake in bed trying to figure something out - talking out loud about it and completely irritating Joe who didn't understand why we needed a plan for it at all.

Ahhh, marriage. Two completely different people trying to make life work.

I wanted a plan because we had a 10:30 appointment for Henry's hair cut and I wanted to get to the Magic Kingdom before that even so we could hit a ride or two. I didn't want to have to think about getting milk in the morning, or sit around twiddling our thumbs in the AM, only to have to rush to the park for the appointment.

Joe just wanted to fly by the seat of his pants, figuring it would work out.

After we spoke, Joe compromised a bit and we figured out a plan. He understood my point of view, and I understood his. And we found a plan that satisfied us both. Right away in the morning Joe would get ready and go get milk at the Screen Door shop down on the Boardwalk. Everything else that we wanted to purchase could wait until we made it to Hess...whenever that would be!

Up Next: Would we make it to the Magic Kingdom in time for some rides?

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