Clang, clang, clang went the trolley!

Picking back up on my Disney World trip report...

We last left off as we had finished up our yummy eats at the Main Street Bakery and Henry was taking pictures of his food.

We had a 10:30 am reservation at the Main Street Barber Shop for Henry and his mop of hair, and were about to head in that direction.

HOWEVER, before I progress I failed to tell you a VERY important event that took place earlier that morning back in our room. I cannot believe I forgot to mention this before!!!

If you remember correctly from the first video where I told Henry we were leaving for Mickey's House, I also quite sternly, told him not to open his suitcase.

Well, there was a reason for that.

We had a surprise inside.

On past trips we have debated on buying a big Disney World Monorail Train set for Henry.  It's expensive.  He had asked for it numerous times and we figured we'd be coming home with it this time; however, a WONDERFUL Disney friend of mine messaged me offering us a monorail set!  She said her son hardly played with it and she would rather it go to a child who would play with it and make them happy. I am pretty certain I stared at that message with my jaw dropped for a good 10 minutes. Words do not express how thankful I am!

Of course...we didn't tell Henry about this. Muahahaha.

We put it in a shopping bag inside his suitcase. That morning, we woke up at the Boardwalk and encouraged him to open his suitcase...

Video: Henry opens his monorail (2 minutes, 34 seconds - and sorry, we are in our PJs!)

Video: Henry thanking Carol - the awesome Disney friend! (32 seconds)

He was still a bit groggy and so, so excited he was shaking! It was a very fun moment - and it took a bit of our time that morning because we had to set it up and play!

We play with the monorail very often! It's a wonderful toy that tops the list as one of Henry's favorites.

Alright, back on Main Street. We are headed for the Barber Shop...

Let's get some PhotoPass pictures quick! (PhotoPass is a program Disney offers where they have photographers in the park that will take pictures for you.  You get a little card that they scan each time they take your pictures and then you can purchase the disc of pictures if you'd like-and add cute Disney borders to them, like you see in mine.  However, they will also take a picture for FREE with your camera!  You just won't get the borders, obviously)

On our way to the Barber Shop

The line is out the door at the Barber Shop, but thankfully we have that reservation!

However, we have another reservation...and his name is Henry.

He was NOT having the hair cut idea at all. He has never once bucked at a hair cut before - and has even asked for them, so it was a bit baffling to me...but well, that's life with a 3 year old, right?

So, we opted to avoid the meltdown and skip the hair cut. Onward!

Oh, but wait! What is this on Main Street but our favorite little tune?

Henry and I listen to (and dance to!) the "Welcome Song" on the "4 Parks 1 World" CD several times a week - he was thrilled to see it in person...and so was I! I love this show. Henry still talks about the omnibus that the dancers ride whenever we listen to the song!

And pretty soon they were all boarded back on and headed right down the middle of Main Street USA.

We turned our focus to the other end of the street

Hello beautiful.

A pause at the Partner's Statue for what I thought was going to be a very cool PhotoPass shot with it, but what we got was

All well!

Love this one though!

Heading to the right

This is a beautiful Meet & Greet area for Rapunzel and Flynn. But that line...whoooeeeee! It was always really long.

Where we we headed for our first ride of the day?

(iPhone in hand, updating Facebook live from the World!)

The nausea inducing cups! Perfect after a Main Street Bakery Second Breakfast!

Obviously, the toddler's choice. But, all well - we love it too!

And yes, I do believe that man is picking his nose right there in the green cup! Ooops!

Up Next: A video that might make you loose your lunch.

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