"Found Money"

You might have noticed my thermometer to the right, slowly going upwards... I am on a bit of a mission.  A mission using "found money" to help fund our Disney Cruise!

What is "found money"?  It's extra money that comes in - like money from a rebate.  Or from recycling soda cans.  Spare change.  Money from anything you might sell.  Anything extra in the budget.

That sorta thing.

You'd be surprised how quickly this adds up!

Our thermometer has grown due to:
  • Money that was owed to us - we didn't miss it, so we stuck it in the cruise fund
  • Overtime on Joe's paycheck - we usually have this in a generic "travel budget", but we stuck a portion of it specifically into the cruise
  • I canceled my WeightWatchers subscription and am now using a free calorie counting tool instead ($18 per month)
I have a cup full of change, a bit more of money owed to me, and a rebate to send in, so I'll be adding more soon!

Our cruise is booked for June 2-10 on the Disney Magic.  It will be our first cruise ever and I'm currently torturing myself by reading Disney Cruise Trip Reports online.  It sounds AMAZING!  I can't wait for June 2012!!!!

I don't fully expect to raise all the money we need with "found money", but even a good chunk of it, or enough to cover a shore excursion or a few spa treatments will help.  It's a fun challenge and we'll see how much I can find in the next year!  I'll keep ya posted on our progress!


  1. Good for you Brook! I think this is an excellent way to fund travel.

    What website are you using?? I use myfitnesspal.com and I love love love LOVE it!

  2. Thanks LL!

    I've been using the app "Lose It!" I will have to check out myfitnesspal.com though too. Thanks for the tip!