Happy Belated!

Okay folks! I missed Easter on here AND Mother's Day.  Ugh.  What a blogger I am, huh?!?!

Anyway, I'm wishing you all a belated Easter and Mother's Day!  I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating both days!

On Easter, we had beautiful weather here, but the previous days had been rainy. Our church is held in a elementary school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and we had an Easter egg hunt planned, unfortunately, Central Park was very muddy from the rain, so we ended up holding it in the gym. The kids didn't care one bit - there was candy and fun involved!

All the young kids ready to find those eggs!

Henry found 14!

This was his first egg hunt, so he was sooooo excited to find out what could be inside!

"It's candy!"

Henry's egg race team

My Pastor getting in on the fun

The "bunny hop" race

The older kids did a tug-of-war, then the adults. Joe is back in this group-his team had a strategy and beat the pants right off the other team!!!

That afternoon we just hung out in Central Park and soaked in the sun. On Facebook I shared a few "Spring has Sprung" pictures that I took on Easter, but thought I'd share them here too.

Park Ave

Park Ave

As we passed by this home I spotted the yellow flowers in front (above picture) and stopped to look at them, then I looked up at this beautiful brownstone! Stunning! The woman happened to be in the bottom window and it was open, so I complimented her on her hard work! Love, love, love it!

I love these trees! They are all over in Central Park.

The Mall in Central Park

Sheep Meadow in Central Park

Another of the Sheep Meadow

Later we went to Magnolia for a sweet treat and I thought the sign in the window was cute, "Nothing says "I Care" more than cupcakes"

On Mother's Day we went to church, then to brunch at one of my favorite spots, The Barking Dog, then again-just hung out in Central Park. It's our warm-weather Sunday routine...and I love it!! Sadly, I didn't take ONE picture of Henry and together! We did make s'mores over the gas stove that night, so this is my one Mother's Day picture:

At least it's a good one, right???


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