Disney's All Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World

Disney's All Star Movies Resort is a Value resort located at Walt Disney World.  There are three All Stars Resorts - Sports, Music and Movies, each being themed appropriately. 

Movies is currently undergoing a refurbishment.  I had the opportunity to stay in one of the older rooms, and then tour one the newer rooms last week!

First, the older rooms:
Cute star light fixtures above the beds!  The colors were vibrant and "happy".

I was in the Herbie, "Love Bug" section of the resort, so my wallpaper border and artwork reflected that.

Yes, I'm striking a bit of a disco pose in the mirror.  I figured if you were gonna see me, I might as well make it fun! :)

These hooks are lifesavers in the room!  Some of the Villa resorts don't have them and I greatly miss them when we get a room without!

Yes, that is a teeny little tube TV.  I was a bit shocked to see that.  I don't care much for TV, but even if it's a tube, it should be bigger than that!  The dresser has 6 drawers, tons of space!  And while it was a bit of an odd shape, I found I liked the lower top, it quickly became a shelf to throw random stuff....as you can see in the pictures!

The light fixture above the table and chairs.  I really liked this, and it was perfectly fitting for the Movies themed resort!

The curtains


The bathroom!  The star wall paper covers all the walls - and while it made me twitch a bit the first night, by the time my trip was coming to an end, it had sorta grown on me.  While I used the restroom throughout my stay, I started to realize that the star patterns made Mickey Head shapes!  Built-in-entertainment!  LOL

And now the new rooms:

Everything you see in these pictures are new!  New beds, bedding, furniture, lights, artwork, wall paper and paint colors!  Gone are the star lights...

The artwork is still themed to the specific area of the resort.

The wallpaper border now reflects all the various Movie areas of the resort - Herbie, Toy Story, Mighty Ducks, and Fantasia.

The new table and chairs set - the table is adorable and very modern versus the old one.  However, I do miss the popcorn light!!

Again, everything you see in these pictures is new!  The wood dresser is very nice and seems to have ample storage space.  The addition of the privacy curtain between the bathroom vanity area and the beds is a nice touch too.  I really like the new carpet!  It's less busy, yet still very fun and themed.

The front of the vanity is new, but otherwise remains the same.

Gone is the star wallpaper, but the cute filmstrip tile work did stay!

Overall, in my opinion, the new rooms are much improved.  The old rooms were showing wear, and the resort was due for the refurb.  I will miss certain touches-like the light fixtures; however, there is no denying the quality and warm feeling of the new design.  While the room retains it's fun Movie theme, it is comforting, classy, and very modern feeling--which is more what I expect for my Disney dollar.

In a future posts I will share more about my stay at All Star Movies and the resort!  And yes, I'll get back to the February/March trip as well!!  I have not forgotten!


  1. Do you know if all the rooms are being refurbished? Going in September...

  2. Hi there!
    Yes, all the rooms will be refurbished, but there isn't a published schedule of when they will be done. Rumor is they are going in building number order (1-10) and in May they were on building 3. I'd say be September they will be close to done, maybe still in the Toy Story section since those are the last buildings. I hope that helps! Have a magical vacation!

  3. Are all the Toy Story rooms completely done now? Going in May 2012. It sounds like they may have been done the end 2011, but I can't find anything to confirm that.

    1. Hi! Yes, all the rooms are refurbed now. ENJOY your trip!!!