Losing my Second Breakfast (don't worry, I don't really lose it!)

Picking up from our Feb/March adventure to Disney World...see prior entry here

Nose picking and lunch losing....or in my case second breakfast losing.

Yep, we are at the tea cups!

We waited just one rotation

I truly hope this new Storybook Circus area is incredible. It sounds like it could have potential, or be a bit of a letdown. All the new stuff has been blowing my socks off, so I hope this is the case for the entire expansion too!

Alright, our wait is over - let's ride!

Henry once again wanted a PINK teacup, but then switched to green at the last minute.

Much to the relief of his color-blind Daddy. LOL

Joe then handed me his phone. He wanted me to video the whole thing while he spun us silly.

Seriously. This video is not pleasant!

Video: Don't lose your lunch! (1 minute, 36 seconds)

For those of you who opt not to watch it (don't blame you!) it was an intense ride. Henry was enjoying it all and then suddenly went quiet and sat back. He even looked a bit pale - and kids don't really get dizzy! So you know we were WHIPPING!

And Joe stopped the dern cup and then changed our rotation! WORST IDEA EVER. DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Despite all that, we still had a blast. Everyone was laughing and smiling. Getting slightly sick is part of the fun, right?

Or something like that...

Anyway! We have a boy.

He likes cars. A LOT.

Next stop?

The Tomorrowland Indy Speedway!

The wait said 30 minutes. This is a boring and HOT queue. Henry didn't care, he wanted to be on those cars! So we jumped in line.

After about 20 minutes it was our turn.

I hopped into the car behind the boys so Henry could "win". He's in that stage where everything is a race.

Here we go!

Sputtering around the track and hitting the rail 2382 times. But hey, it's a huge thrill for the little man, so I'm game and I love every second of it.

Closed off Toon Town on the right.

Pete's Garage no longer.

Throughout the "race" I could hear Henry shouting various things to me. "Hi Mommy! I'm going to beat you!" It was pretty cute.

The race was over and the winner was declared. Henry by two car lengths!

The Cast Member working had given H a Drivers License. He was pretty proud of that and kept it in his pocket all day. He'd pull it out randomly and just hold it.

We had time for 1 more ride before our 12:20 reservation at the Plaza. Let's go this way...

Ah, yes! Here it is!

Up Next: Winnie the Queue.

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