The Big Apple

We left off in this trip report as we had left the Winnie the Pooh queue, without riding the ride! and made our way toward Main Street USA, we had a 12:20 dining reservation at The Plaza.

Those trees were in bloom all over property - sooooo beautiful!

We made a pit stop at the Sword in the Stone to try and flex our muscles.

A Disney friend of mine, Shannan, always has her family pose with the Castle in the background here and I finally remembered to do it too! I love how it looks!

Try as we may, that sword would not budge!

We hung a left and went around the Castle...

And on Main Street we saw the omnibus again!

The driver was off and greeting people, Henry said his hello and got to see the vehicle up close.

And we finally reached our destination. We checked in about 15 minutes early and just hung around outside.

Artsy-fartsy shot by Joe.

Joe took Henry to the bathrooms for a quick change (and I must interject - I'm SO happy we are done with diapers now!!!) and just before they got back this lady showed up.

And we were called in, sat, seated and ordered before 12:25!

Our view - we were at a corner table.

Picture of the new napkins...and me. LOL!

Henry had ordered the peanut butter & jelly sandwich with grapes and bananas...but we asked for apples instead of grapes and this is what we got:

WOW!  That's a whole lotta apple!  I was expecting a little baggie of apple slices! It came before all the rest of our food and was actually quite nice to munch on while we waited.

Joe ordered:

Grilled Chicken Sandwich - grilled chicken breast topped with shaved ham and Swiss cheese served on a flour-dusted Kaiser.


Which still came with the grapes! The little fruit boy loved it! And was THRILLED with the Mickey Head PB&J. He inhaled it all.


Turkey Sandwich - smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, vine ripened tomato and mayonnaise on toasted multi-grain bread...but mine had no mayo and instead a side of BBQ.

Part way through our meal the same Main Street Citizen came in and made a big fuss over a woman having her birthday and we all sung to her.

And did we save room for dessert?

Of course!

We all shared:

Strawberry ice cream with pineapple topping and just a "touch" of whipped cream. HA! Sounds pretty sweet? IT WAS! Whoa! The pineapple was a bit much for me, I expected fresh, but got the kind of jelly pineapple stuff. It wasn't bad, but just too much for me. We chose pineapple because that was H's favorite. And even though, it was sweet, we didn't have a problem finishing it off!

Our whole bill only came to $40 - so truly not that much more than a quick service restaurant. The Plaza is a great deal when you are paying out of pocket!

Everything was delicious and we enjoyed our meal here immensely. The service was superb!

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