Paul. *shudder*

We left off finishing up our tasty meal at The Plaza, eating nearly every bit, and we were back out on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom.

We had decided before even going into The Plaza that we'd head out of the park after lunch to get in some swimming. The weather was perfect and.........we had access to Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club even thoug we were staying at the Boardwalk!!! For those of you who might not know, Stormalong Bay is an AWESOME pool, complete with sand bottom, lazy river and waterslide, located at the Beach and Yacht Club Resort...which is very close to the Boardwalk.  It is strictly for guests of that resort ONLY.  They check ID and give wrist bands for access.  The Clown slide (George, as I like to call him) at the Boardwalk was under refurb, which allowed us access to Stormalong Bay. Both Joe and I were eager to check-it out since we haven't ever stayed at the Yacht or Beach Club, and I knew Henry was going to loooooooove the sand area.  That boys loves to dig!

We slowly made our way back down Main Street. Part of me didn't want to leave, but I knew Joe was READY for swim, sand, and sun.

We ran into the Dapper Dan's and watched their show for a few minutes. They are so fun to watch, incredible talent!

Video: The Dapper Dan's (48 seconds)

Gotta get a balloon picture!

So far we have been able to make it out of the parks without buying one...so far...

Bye Magic Kingdom! See you later tonight!

We were out of the gates and on a bus before 1:30.

Back at the Boardwalk I noticed the totally creepy clown chair that they have in the lobby was pulled away and facing the fireplace:

But what made it weird was...

He has a name!!!!!! LOL!   I so want to know the history and story behind this chair.

In the room we put Henry down for a nap and I went off to the Hess Station (gas station) to pick up some things we wanted for the stay. I had no idea what to really expect over at Hess because I couldn't find ANY info on the internet about the selection other than simple things like "big variety of chips."

Well...there is a reason for that.

Chips is about all they have!  We were hoping for string cheese, yogurt, maybe some hot dogs to grill out with, fresh fruit and/or veggies. They really don't have anything for perishables/cold items. We always bring the non-perishables from home, so Hess wasn't much help for us. I ended up with apples, bananas, water, milk and soda.

I did document my trip, for those that it matters to. Hess can be an easy stop for some snacks, water and cheap snacks for your room if you want to avoid the delivery fees of GardenGrocer.com or WeGoShop.com.

WDW only has Chase ATMs, this might be useful for someone to avoid a charge...

Lots of random stuff. You could make spaghetti (without meat), Mac & Cheese and PB&J...wait, they were out of peanut butter. You could make jelly sandwiches.  Or Spam ones.

You might have spied the coffee. The 8-12 type filters are the ones you use in a Villa, but for the regular hotel rooms you need the 4 cup ones.

Some single-size cereals and full box too.

I know this matters to a lot of people!

Trail mix type stuff on the end.

Only Coke products. And no, they don't sell gum!  You won't find Pepsi or gum on Disney property.

Handy stuff!

The only fruit in the entire joint.  Boring Red Delicious apples and green bananas.

Single-serving type and 1/2 Gallons were all they had.  The 1/2 Gallons were actually cheaper at the Boardwalk hotel store than at Hess!

Single serving size only.

Half & Half

Overall, here is what I put in my notes: Hess is a lot smaller than I had imagined. They have a LOT of various chips and a few "healthy" choices like pita and veggies chips. The only fruit they had were bananas and Red Delicious apples. Boring. No veggies, not even a bag of baby carrots. They sold hot dog buns, but no hot dogs. No string cheese or cups of yogurt. 1/2 gallon of milk was $3.09, $0.15 cheaper at the Boardwalk, which was surprising. Soda was on sale, and the worker told me about that, so I got 2-12 packs for just over the price of one. A gallon of water is $1.99. A few toiletry items, feminine products, diapers, wipes, toilet paper, tooth care, hair stuff. Candy bars and other candy-typical gas stations stuff. There was a section for hot food, but the displays were empty while I was in there. One was for hot breakfast sandwiches. There was a coffee bar area too, and they did have a roller cooker of hot dogs. The only juice they had was single-serving style. A lot of things didn't have price tags.

It was kinda strange to see the Cast Members that work at Disney...in costume...pumping gas and purchasing items. Kinda like a "real world" slap in the face.

So, while we were hoping for a bit more of the cooler-type items, we knew it was a gamble relying on it and not getting a grocery delivery. We ended up just purchasing a few things from the Boardwalk shop, which really isn't all that much more than your average NYC grocery store.

Pretty boring update, apart from Creepy Paul. Sorry about that! But...next time...Stormalong Bay baby!

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