I left you in the little Hess gas station buying some goods for the room.

I returned to the room with the stuff--a gallon of water, a 1/2 gallon of milk, 2 packs of soda, some fruit and possibly a few other things...and no, I didn't carry all of that-I used our carry-on suitcase, which worked out perfectly!

Henry woke up around 3:45 pm and we headed straight over to Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club Resort. The (slightly creepy, yet fascinating) clown slide, George-as I like to call him, was down for a refurb at the Boardwalk, so that gave all the Boardwalk guests access to Stormalong Bay "if we would like use of a slide".

And did we want use of a slide?



He he.

But did they even ask that at the gate? NOPE. And you know, if they did ask it, I would have to give my dear husband puppy-dog eyes, begging him to use the slide...cuz I ain't. Not a fan of water slides. I usually try them once and that's enough! I'll get to the Disney water parks eventually, and suck it up for the family, but I already know I'm not going to fully enjoy it.

I digress....they didn't ask. They just glanced at the room keys, smiled and slapped that wrist band right on us!

We are go for launch folks.

Oh, wait. Back the Boardwalk I dipped into the Boardwalk Bakery and YES! they had the new design on the refillable mugs!

3 please!

Henry was quite excited that he got his own mug...and it worked great as a sand toy.

Okay-now we are back at Stormalong-Heaven with wristbands. We are legal!

We started to walk.

And walk.

And walk.

I know the sand area is somehwere...

Wow, this place is HUGE! It goes on forever!

Cue: Little boy shrieking.

Yep, there's the sand.


My notes read:
"SAB. Huge. Amazing. Huge! Unreal. So cool. Beautiful sitting here on a lounger watching my boys dig in the sand. Staring at a palm tree. It's perfect weather. Ahhhhhhh. Yes, this is good.

I have my toes in the sand in FEBRUARY."

It's like a beach! But it's a pool!

There were a bazillion sand toys there for use. The cup hadn't yet become one...

Looking over toward Hurricane Hannah's, a pool-side quick service eatery.

My back was to this.

My view from the lounger looking up.

He was, in fact, the happiest child on Earth at this very moment.

The child now has a shirt on, the sun is setting and there aren't nearly as many people around. He's still digging.

So that about sums up our feelings of Stormalong Bay. There is nothing NOT to like about this place. Seriously. It's incredible. They even have servers that will bring you food and drinks!

We really stuck to this one area during our first visit. Henry dug and played for 2 hours straight. And I have figured out there is something therapeutic about digging your toes into the sand.

I admit, I did get a bit antsy after a while of just sitting there. I'm a get-up-and-go type of person and I have a hard time relaxing. Since we had some valuables with us, I felt like I couldn't leave the lounger for long and I didn't have a book to read. Plus, I felt a tiny guilty just laying there while Joe played with Henry...however, we have since cleared this up. Next time, I'll have a book and the boys will play. Joe didn't mind a bit.  Even though I did get antsy, I still enjoyed our time there immensely!

At 6 pm we pulled our child out of the sand and said "See ya soon!" to Stormalong Bay. We definitely had plans to return before our stay at the Boardwalk ended.

Up next: Uh...where's the stroller??

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