Uh...where's the stroller?

We left off back in Stormalong Bay, the amazing pool at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort.

After we pulled Henry out of the sand, we made our way back over to the Boardwalk, cleaned up and got ready for our evening--we were headed back to the Magic Kingdom!

Close to 7 pm we were at the bus stop and juuuuuust missed a Magic Kingdom bus. Sigh. It's always a bit of a bummer when that happens. However, we weren't too upset about this one leaving because it was standing-room-only and we weren't in a rush. Just minutes later another Magic Kingdom bus arrived..and there were only a few of us that needed to board.  Woot!

By the time we got to the Swan (another hotel, that the bus stops on), we were stuck behind the really full Magic Kingdom bus and it was taking longer than average for some reason. But, as we sat there, we had a rockin' bus driver-he sang for us to pass the time! Love those drivers who love their jobs!

Within 30 minutes we were at Magic Kingdom

and we were on the hunt for some food! We thought we'd check out the new Tortuga Tavern; however, it was closed when we arrived and we never did end up trying it.

Joe wanted to try one of the Quick Service restaurants we haven't eaten at much, and pizza was calling to him-so we were off to Pinocchio's Village Haus as our second option.

When we arrived we parked the stroller right outside the doors, near a bunch of other strollers, <--foreshadowing ;-)

and we made our way in.

Somewhere between the stroller and the counter where you order food Henry decided to melt down and act out. Getting the answer of "What do you want to eat?" from him was a chore...plus he was completely distracted with a Cast Member, who had great-intentions entertaining him with a Pinocchio puppet. It just made getting him to respond to me even harder. The whole moment frustrated me. But eventually, we made it through. Henry and I went to find a table near the windows that over look the It's a Small World waterway...such a neat feature of this restaurant!

Joe returns with our food.

No straws. No silverware. No napkins.

My frustration of the evening escalated.

He could tell I was not feelin' the magic and volunteered to run out to the stroller to grab the hand sanitizer.

Okay, sounds good. I'll snap some food pics!

Mine-cheese pizza and salad

Joe's pepperoni pizza - he also had a side of fries with his. You can pick either salad or fries when on the Disney Dining Plan.

Henry's Mac & Cheese, Applesauce and Cookie

Joe and I both had Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert

Well...Joe comes in...empty handed. And he declares he cannot find the stroller.

Say what?  Erg.

Okay. The man is legally blind. He sees pretty well in the dark, it's the bright light that gives him problems, but he might have missed it.

Was I gracious in this moment?

No. I was annoyed. I got up and walked out, just KNOWING that the stroller would be right where we left it.

Until I got outside...and it wasn't.

It was gone.

I grabbed a Cast Memeber who started to look around with me. We looked EVERYWHERE in Fantasyland. Back and forth, through the crowds of people watching the Wishes fireworks show exploding in the sky over us. I was totally panicked. This was our first full day-what would we do without a stroller?!? I had memories of the time we ended up swapping strollers (accidentally) after Fantasmic with a couple-and that worked out and became a funny story to tell, this would too...right?!?! But what if it didn't!?! Okay, breathe, Brook...we could rent a stroller. It wouldn't be the end of the world. It would be a hit to the budget, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nice Cast Member enlisted the help of another Cast Member and was calling on the radio because we just could not find it. We were looking for a good 15 minutes!

And then the fireworks end.

And the crowd thins.

And there is my little brown Maclaren, sitting the middle of the walkway.


But all well! Who cares where it was! We found it! I almost hugged that Cast Member!

I finally made my way back to Pinocchio's with the hand sanitizer and a humble grin on my face. There was good reason why my dear husband could not find the stroller!

The boys had thrown caution to the wind and chose to eat with germ-ridden hands (daredevils! LOL), and I settled into enjoy the meh food. It wasn't bad, but it was just alright. It have been better hot!  Though, Henry didn't like his mac & cheese AT ALL (if you go back and look at the pic, it does look awful!) and we all ended up sharing our food. Which was fine, it worked out. And I do remember the cheesecake being quite tasty.

After we relaxed a bit and laughed off the stroller ordeal, we made our way out and back into Fantasyland. I spotted Mr. Nice Cast Member and walked right up to him and got his name, Stephen, who works custodial in Fantasyland. That man rules. He went way above and beyond duty to help me. I told him so...and he gave me Fastpasses on top of all that!!

I have since sent off an email raving about his service.  It's Cast Members like these that make Disney known for it's customer service.

So Fastpasses in hand, no true agenda on deck, standing with this as our beautiful view

we asked Henry what he would like to do...his instant response?

"The flying blankies!"

Which made both Joe and I laugh out loud - we knew what ride he was talking about...the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

So off to Adventureland we went.

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