Winnie the Queue

Onward with the February / March report of our Disney World trip.

We left off just as we headed over to Winnie the Pooh and Henry was crawling into the tree. As you may, or may not know, the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disney World just recently received this new queue.  Previously it was just your basic metal pole "switchback" type - boring!  Now check it out...

Inside the tree. I read that Piglet will be able to talk with you in here eventually.

Henry and a buddy he made.

We eventually pried him out of the tree and continued on...

Trees blocking off Tigger's Bounce Spot. I don't think they will ever open this...which is shame, but I get it. Inside are little bouncy pads for adults and kids to jump on.  "Word on the street" is that the lawyers saw a giant safety concern here and it has never been opened.  I wonder if they will refurb it to something a bit safer? I also wonder how in the world it passed through if it now has a safety issue after being built? Or is there an entirely different reason it's blocked off and I am misinformed? Who knows.

I stuck my camera through the trees to see the bounce pads!

Once we got past here it was like a wonderland. Henry was OFF! He bounced from area to area, having a BLAST. We played in the queue for a good 45 minutes and we had to peeeeeeel him outta there!

Rabbits Garden - you and a friend pump that lever in front up and down and the water would rain down on them so the vegetables would "grow" (get taller) and make a "growing sound" - I have no idea how to explain the sound! It was cute! But only the pumpkins worked at the time.


Pumping and growing!

Musical vegetables! This was fun! The radishes were pretty tough-they will last through kids banging on them. Henry couldn't even make them squeak - you had to basically punch them.

Similar to the radishes, but you could squeeze them easier.

Watermelon drums.

This was a very cute area. Gophers would pop out of the holes...at first I had no idea how it was happening, it seemed very random.

And they talk some chittery gopher chat when they pop up too.

Ah-ha! Those pads in front of the gophers! You jump on them and they pop up. The more you jump, the more they appear! It was a blast! You can also see the queue line to the left. The play area is right when you first walk into the queue, then it sorta flows into a normal switch-back queue, with a few added extras.

Pulling gopher out of his hole - this was REALLY hard! That grown adult man was having a very hard time doing it! Noooo way a kid could.

But kids have fun "helping" their Daddy!

"Tomatoes". You turned a wheel and they would pop all over the place. This was a favorite of Henry's!

Video: A very shaky video of the above tomato poppers. (21 seconds) I was also playing while filming.  He he.

Looking back from the gopher area.

After we played with the gophers a bit more...and the tomato poppers...and the music fruit and vegetables...Joe realized we now didn't have enough time to actually ride the ride before our lunch reservation! LOL!  We had played too long!  All well!

We made our way out of the entrance, grabbed some FastPasses to return to the ride later, and headed toward The Plaza Restaurant!

Up Next: The Big Apple.

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