More Moola!

$70 has been added to my thermometer on the right!  This was one of my Mouse World Travel paychecks, it feels GREAT to put my paycheck into the travel fund!!


$25 Disney Gift Card Giveaway!

The Travel Agency that I work for, Mouse World Travel, is having a giveaway!  For every 100 people who "Like" them on Facebook, a $25 Disney gift card will be given away at random to the followers!!  That gift card can be used at any Disney store (or online), in the Disney parks, or on Disney Cruise Line.

Please take a moment to "Like" Mouse World Travel - and share this with anyone who might be interested, or wants a chance to win!

Mouse World Travel on Facebook


$40 in loose change

The other day we took a stroll to a local grocery store and cashed in our change with their handy little machine.  Henry had $20 and we had $20.  Pretty nice!

I had originally planned on that $20 of ours going toward the cruise fund; however, we paired it with another bit of "found money" we had and Joe purchased a new pair of Keen sandals off Amazon instead.

He GREATLY needed these shoes, and they are for our vacations - so it works!  We ended up paying only $12 out of our checkbook.  So while the cruise money hasn't increased, we did get a pretty stinkin' good deal for a pair of Keens.

Loose change certainly adds up!

Henry will be using his money to purchase toys he will most certainly want on our upcoming trip.  We are only buying him 1 or 2 things - the rest will come from his money, and when it's gone, it's gone!  Tough lesson for an almost 4 year old.  We'll see how it goes....yikes!