Flying Blankies, Flying Elephants, and Defending the Galaxy

I cannot believe it's been almost two months since I last updated on the Trip Report!  Yikes!!!

If anyone can remember, we left off as we were leaving Fantasyland and heading toward the "Flying Blankies" (commonly known as the Magic Carpets of Aladdin) in Adventureland.

We went into the line, which was fairly short and Henry made a buddy.

Waiting in line was completely painless with the two of them entertaining each other, and us!

Soon enough we were ready to load

Henry was quite inquisitive about this ride - asking all sorts of questions about how it worked and why there was water under it...he was pretty pumped to get his ride on!

It wasn't long...

On our very first rotation around Henry just happened to have it lined up so the camel that spits water at the "flying blankies" got me DIRECTLY in the side of my face, and naturally, I shrieked! This lead to peals of laughter from the front seat and it became Henry's mission to get me as much as he could!

I made it unscathed for the rest of the ride, but just before we landed, the request was made to ride again...so we did!

This time H rode with me

and....he got me with the camel AGAIN!!

After two rides and two direct Mommy hits from the camel, this quickly became Henry's favorite ride of the trip. As time goes on in this report, you'll see how many times we rode...!

We got off our second ride on the Flying Blankies and Henry made a request for...........Dumbo.

Do you find the irony in this? 1) We were JUST in Fantasyland and had suggested Dumbo, which he instantly shot down; and 2) How is Dumbo any different than the Flying Blankies?!?!? (Oh ya, a spitting camel...)

But, all well, we don't have an agenda! Let's go back to Fantasyland!

When we got to Dumbo the line was 20 minutes, which neither Joe nor I were too keen on...so we tried to suggest/bribe Henry on other things, but he wasn't having it. He said he didn't mind that the line was long - so in we went!

And really, the line moved pretty well, it didn't seem long at all and he was highly entertained by both people watching and his spinner toy we had brought.

Eventually we were in the holding pen with just one family in front of us.

Henry had requested a BLUE Dumbo and the sweet family in front of us insisted that we go in first to ensure he got his blue Dumbo.


We had a great flight! Dumbo is simple, but it's still so enjoyable. I have a fondness for these classic rides. I did try to spy on the new Fantasyland over the the construction wall as we flew around, but I couldn't see much. I figured we'd ride again later in the trip...

As we got off the ride and made our way toward the exit, I saw a HUGE crowd of people laughing and smiling--turns out Mickey and Minnie were on our circuit! I had NO idea during the flight, but they exited just in front of us holding hands. They had rode with a couple kids. What a magical moment for those kids!!!!

We made our way into Tomorrowland

we wanted a spin with the Space Ranger!

This line was almost a walk-on

"Hi Buzz!!!"

When I was next to get on, the woman in front of me stepped on the moving belt and sorta half-slid around the barrier they have to get into a ride vehicle - the Cast Member tried to stop her, but wasn't successful--and boom! the ride shut down. It sat there for about 5 minutes,

they went through their checks, the Cast Member on the microphone had to repeat their little phrase about staying in the ride vehicle around 48 times (not sure if there was an offender, or if that's just how it goes?). But soon enough we were on and defending the galaxy, shooting up Zurg!!

My score

As we emptied into the gift shop Henry knew just what to do!

I have a picture of him behind bars with Zurg from almost all our trips.

After all that hard work of successfully defeating Zurg we were in need of something relaxing...off to the Peoplemover!

All three of us enjoy this ride. It's such a relaxing and entertaining ride gliding above Tomorrowland.

It was getting late, but we still had those Fast Passes from Stephen, Cast Member extraordinaire, where should we use them?


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