Bad News...Good News

I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we had to completely deplete our cruise savings to pay off a debt that was looming over us.

However...the good news is....we have already MORE than made up for it!

I had $448 over there on my thermometer earlier...now it's $523!

Of course if we hadn't had to use that $448 we'd be close to $1,000 now, but well...life happens, right?  I expect to have a few more good amounts coming in before the cruise, and hopefully a few unexpected ones too.

I have much more to blog about - continuing our Disney trip and a LOT of NYC things, but I have to end this here as I have a scrumptious meal of Mac & Cheese on the stove. LOL  A goal of mine this week is to post a new NYC update and what's stirring with the family!


Castle Girl

When I left off, we just got off the Peoplemover and we had those FastPasses from Stephen-the awesome Cast Member. Where to go?

Joe and I had only ridden this on our honeymoon -- and this would be Henry's first flight. And this might be blasphemous to say to other Disney Fans, but while we enjoyed the ride during our honeymoon, it wasn't something that we felt like was a MUST DO. We never felt it was worth getting a FastPass for or waiting in line for....and that line is ALWAYS long!

However! We DID want to ride it, and we had those "freebie" FastPasses. We wanted to do something together, this was the perfect time!! I had zero memory of the ride, other than just thinking it was fine/cute/whatever, so it was like I was riding again for the first time.

Into the line we went! We handed our FastPasses over to the Cast Member who was working the line,o Henry quickly made friends with her. We chatted with her a bit while standing there--and just before we moved on, she handed us back our FastPasses and SEVEN more! They were good until the next day too!

We boarded our ship and were off to Neverland!

And....I gotta say...this ride is GREAT! We loved it! My, how opinion changes once a little one is involved! Henry was mystified with the flying ship and seeing Peter Pan and Captain Hook. He sang "Tick, tock, tick tock!" through the ride after seeing him for the first time.

This was a big hit, and we knew we'd be back on before our trip was over.

But now, it was time to ride It's a Small World just across the path. I believe this ride was down for refurb during our last trip, and even though Henry has ridden it several times, he had no memory of it.

As we were sitting in our boat, waiting to launch, Henry noticed the "castle girl", a Cast Member ride operator up in a little castle bridge above the ride. He started waving at her and blowing her kisses. She responded as soon as she saw him and just played it up with him -- he LOVED it. It was completely adorable.

When we got back to the load area, Henry instantly started waving at his castle girl again. She noticed him and played it up again with him. She motioned to another Cast Member who asked us if we'd like to ride again-and before Joe or I could respond Henry shouted out a "Yes!" So....off we went! And we got our own boat! Henry was ALL GRINS and blew many kisses to his new girlfriend. It was a fantastic magical moment!

After our second spin through, we knew it was time to go. We were all getting tired and it was very late--waaaaaaaay past Henry's bedtime. We slowly made our way up toward the Castle and through it

Once on Main Street we stopped to browse and use our snack credits.

Joe purchased Butterfinger Fudge.

Henry got some jellybeans and I chose a chocolate croissant from the bakery...

I love these things!  None of us wanted those things at that hour, but we brought them back to the room for the next day and later in the trip.

We got back to the Boardwalk after 12:00 am. I cannot recall, but I'm pretty certain that hour Henry was fast asleep on the bus! Joe and Henry went straight to bed, meanwhile, your crazy host did a bit of Facebooking and computer work until 1 am.

Finally, the end of our first full day at Disney.

Yes, we are only done with the first full day. Can you believe that? 12.5 more to go!! I'm thinkin' I need to pick up speed...just a bit! LOL