Bad News...Good News

I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we had to completely deplete our cruise savings to pay off a debt that was looming over us.

However...the good news is....we have already MORE than made up for it!

I had $448 over there on my thermometer earlier...now it's $523!

Of course if we hadn't had to use that $448 we'd be close to $1,000 now, but well...life happens, right?  I expect to have a few more good amounts coming in before the cruise, and hopefully a few unexpected ones too.

I have much more to blog about - continuing our Disney trip and a LOT of NYC things, but I have to end this here as I have a scrumptious meal of Mac & Cheese on the stove. LOL  A goal of mine this week is to post a new NYC update and what's stirring with the family!

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