Meal Planning

The other day I joined e-mealz.com, which is essentially a meal planning service.  You sign up for a certain number of months and each week they will give you a PDF with 7 meals and the grocery list you need to make them all.  The recipes are easy, including "quick meals" and crockpot meals.  They have a portion control (Weight Watchers) menu, gluten free, and more.  On Cyber Monday they had a 30% off code, for 3 months it came to less than $15 so I took the plunge.  I have no idea how it will all go, but for $15, it's worth a shot.

I printed out the menu from last week (Thanksgiving, so it was a shorter menu) and this week and hit the grocery store today with Henry.  I'm not gonna lie, it was a little crazy.  But when is grocery shopping with a 4-year old NOT crazy?  Trying to find Minced Garlic while Henry is asking me to untangle his guy from the cart was not my finest moment.  I have NO clue how he got that thing wrapped around like he did.

I was a bit nervous about what the total was going to come to, as groceries in NYC are pricey, but was PLEASANTLY surprised.  I'll post more on what the total is after I pick up the rest of the meat from the butcher and a few other things from another store.  I'm really excited about this new endeavor.  We have the meal plan stuck to our tack board so Joe, Katie or I can easily cook.  No more of the "What's for dinner?" or blankly staring in the cabinet and ordering pizza!  Now we can look at the list and choose something knowing we have everything on hand.  YAY!

I'll post more about this as time goes on...I'm very curious to see how it will work for our family.

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