A BIG Small World Meet

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We left off with some late night rides at Epcot and hopping over to the Magic Kingdom for a flight to Neverland and to defeat Zurg. As we went to bed, I was feeling a bit off. I was exhausted. We decided NOT to set an alarm, expecting our trusty toddler would wake us up with plenty of time to make a planned meet with fellow Disney Fans (friends from the disboards.com message boards) at 9:30 AM.

Well...how is it that kids only sleep in when you don't want them to??? Henry woke us up at 8 AM, so we scurried around the Villa, but we managed. While on the bus it started to sprinkle...

Video: Magic Kingdom Bus Spiel (1:16) - this is an awful video, it's sideways! But, the bus spiel is always fun to listen to!

We made it to the Magic Kingdom just after 9, and rushed through the rain over to Small World where our meet-up was to take place.

Awesome DIS kids!!

Amy (a Disney friend) had brought stickers and Henry was so beyond excited about them! It was like he had never had stickers before in his life - he could hardly even listen or focus on anything but them! LOL

We filled up the queue!

We requested a boat for 17 (or was it 19?) and off we went on the Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed.

As SOON as we rounded the corner with the end of the ride I heard one of Amy's boys ask "Are we done now?" HA! They were not havin' that Small World! Really though, we all enjoyed it! It was so much fun meeting everyone!!

Just as the cruise ended another friend, appeared--so a few people rode again, but Henry had already spotted his new favorite across the road....so we said our good-byes and

went flying again! The wait time had listed 25 minutes, but we waited less than 10!

We didn't have any plans for the morning - just a relaxed sort of day, so we again let Henry take the lead and he pointed us in the direction for everyone's favorite singing bears.

On the way I took some pictures of the skyway area because I knew they would be demolishing it soon for new bathrooms.

It's such a pretty building!

I just kept snapping pictures...

And apparently we went inside...probably for no real reason, other than we had never been in that store.

Cute little fox stuffed animals

And right next door was our destination

Wrong settings on the camera...oops!

It's not a "must do" on our trips, but it's always fun to do!

After we sang and clapped our hands we had worked up a small appetite for a sweet, so into the shop we went

Hmmm...what looks good?

Joe was into the treats, but I spotted this

Henry had no idea who that big dude was, but he was elated to see him! But, Brer Bear was busy scoping out the candy--and "getting a hug" from his Character Handler. As you might be able to tell he had a costume malfunction and she was fixing it! :-)

Brer Bear took a minute to give Henry a quick hug on his way out

we made our purchases and stepped out just in time to see the start of the Frontierland Hoedown!

I had NO idea this even happened on a regular basis! I have since found out they often run this in the afternoon, or just after it rains to brighten up the mood in the park.  What a FUN event! It really did brighten our moods! My pictures are terrible because it was still on the settings for inside the Country Bear Jamboree, but hopefully it gives you an idea. Lots of dancing and singing and characters!

Henry got asked to dance by several different CMs and even the characters, but he refused. All he wanted was his SUCKERS that we bought from the store!

Meanwhile, Brer Bear was doing the Hokey Pokey 3 inches from us

No interest.

All well! I had fun!

After the hoedown we started to wander a bit - Joe took the camera, fixed the settings, and proceeded to get some beautiful shots!

As we approached Main Street we decided to grab some lunch. It was just before 11 AM and Casey's was just about to open. Like the Frontierland Hoedown, I had no idea Casey's sang when opening! How fun!

Video: Take Me Out to the Ballgame! (39 seconds)

We were shortly in the door and ordering at the counter. I noticed the gourmet hotdogs now on their regular menu (they had tested these a few months prior):

While we waited for our order, just outside the door the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade was going by.  This is a fun parade, so much energy!

The Jesse costume freaks me out a bit. Am I alone in this? What happened to her neck?

And soon we were sitting and enjoying our food


Yes, you read that correctly. These were NOT MINE! Those were Joe's!  I looooooove Corn Dog Nuggets and I didn't order them!

I figured I had many days still in front of me, plenty of time to get my Golden Beauties, so I opted for

The Chicago Sytle Dog instead! I am orginally from Chicago, and I LOVE real Chicago hot dogs, so I had to try it! It was pretty good - not fantastic. And the bun was too long...which was weird. But, I'd order it again!

After our bellies were full we made a quick pit stop over at First Aid. Remember that little blister I had? It was getting worse with the wet shoes from the morning rain, so I got a few band-aids and Joe took this:

Nice work hon!

Henry asked to go to the hotel - and to have a Mickey Bar AT the hotel. So, that's just what we decided we'd do! We started out of the park and I was click-happy

When we arrived at the buses we saw a Yacht Club/Beach Club bus was there - so we hopped on board - we had always wanted to check out the Yacht Club, and now seemed like a good time!

Up Next: Crazy Birds and Ice Cream.

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