Can you swim really, really, really, really, really fast?

Continuing our Feb/March trip to Walt Disney World (see all updates so far HERE)...

I had grabbed FastPasses for Test Track (including Henry-he said he wanted to ride today, despite him saying he didn't like it on our first night), and we had made a purchase of two Disney Racer cars.

We headed to the other side of Future World

The Flower & Garden Festival still wasn't open yet - but this was outside the butterfly tent

See the Hidden Mickey in the bubbles below "Cool"?

Pit stop-let's go in!

Perhaps I can trick Henry with the Beverly....

I wasn't the only mean one - that is JOE'S arm in the pic!!

"It's yucky!!!!"

After the Beverly incident Henry refused to try anymore of them! Gee, I wonder why?!?! LOL!

Back outside,

we eventually made it to our destination


An attempt at a family picture...

Blurry, yet a BAZILLION times better than the last one we attempted in a clam shell!

After we found Nemo we had to pay Bruce a visit

Turtle Talk was in the middle of a show, so we spent some time exploring the area

Henry always enjoys a touch screen! Such a little geek!

And of course, we scoped out the fish and stingrays

There are a few fish in the stingray tank, one of which "befriended" Henry back in September and would not leave the corner of the tank where Henry was standing. This time, as soon as Henry spotted that little fish, he remembered him! I was surprised!

"Hi friend!"

And this is where Momma made a mistake.

Henry kept saying "Hi!" to the fish as it swam near him, and would ask him various questions, so in return, I pretended I was the fish and spoke back to Henry.

"Hi Henry! I remember you! How are you? Are you having fun? Are you going to see Crush?"

And so on.

Cute, right?

Well....for the rest of the trip Henry expected EVERY animal to speak back to him. "Make him talk Mommy!" I cannot count how many times I (or Joe) was a duck, or a bunny, or a fish, or an animatronic animal! While it's fine the first few times, it did get old!  Thankfully, he has passed this stage!!!!

Eventually the doors opened and we went in. For the past couple trips Joe has tried to encourage Henry to sit down front with the other kids, and Henry has always refused. But, this time Joe and I got front row seats, so Henry happily sat on the floor-directly in front of us.

He didn't last too long sitting there, he would scoot up front - then stand up and come back around to us. Then go sit back down. Lather, rinse, repeat!

We really enjoy this show. Sure, it's pretty similar every time you see it, but the questions kids ask are so stinkin' cute! It has never failed to make us laugh. The best part of the show this time was when one of the kids asked Crush how fast he swam. I cannot remember the answer, but then Crush asked the child if she could swim really fast - except he repeated "really" about 200 times! The whole place was roaring with laughter!

Out into the dump shop

If Disney t-shirts were closer to $15 instead of $30, I bet I'd have a closet full of 'em.

I didn't buy anything, but Henry...

selected his stuffed animal of the trip!

Last trip he selected Nemo, this time Squirt (or is that supposed to be Crush?). If they have a Dory, I can see him getting her next time!

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