Crazy birds and ice cream

Continuing with the Feb/March trip to Walt Disney World...read all updates so far HERE

We left off on the report as we hopped aboard a Beach Club / Yacht Club bus after our relaxed and fun morning at the Magic Kingdom.

We got off at the Yacht Club and just wandered through

We had never been inside this resort before, but had been in the Beach Club many times. For some reason, I expected something similar to the Beach Club...but we saw


So while the lobby has kind of a similar feel, it is completely different at the same time. It's very sophisticated and rich feeling to me - all the wood and wood colorings really give it that perfect nautical feeling! We both let out a "Wow!" after stepping in the doors.

We shortly stepped our way through the door across the lobby and back into the sunshine - ice cream from across the lagoon was calling our names. So we made our way back toward the Boardwalk and to the Screen Door shop.

I absolutely love this picture of Henry!

Someday we will rent one of those boats. Not for fishing like this crew, but just for cruising.

I LOVE this area of the Epcot resorts. The palm trees, the water, the beautiful resorts...ahhhhh

He seems innocent, doesn't he?

Well, it was shortly before I took this picture above when one of these CRAZY birds almost hit Joe! He was walking about 20 feet in front of me and one swooped down and practically landed on his HEAD. I burst out in laughter, but he completely freaked - and I don't blame him! It totally took him by surprise!

Inside the shop we went, and out we came with

Oh ya! (Disney might be using this picture in their campaign materials next year! I had to fill out some paperwork for it - so my little dude might be famous! We shall see!)

Those crazy birds were NOT giving up. They can spy a toddler from a mile away. A toddler drops food. Those birds KNOW it. I think they enjoyed about as much ice cream as Henry did!

They seriously flooded the area as we sat there eating. They watched and squawked at us and would swoop down as soon as any piece dropped.

Look at those eyes, just waiting!

After we managed to dodge the birds (for the most part), and we wiped up our mess, we went to the arcade for a bit. We had purchased an arcade card on a previous trip and was still using it.

Henry really enjoyed this little game, Jett Rider. It is a movie that played on the screen and the seat would rise and drop slightly and vibrate. Simple, but fun!

He shoots, he scores!

Around 1:00 we went back up to the room for nap time. Henry went down for a nap in no time flat. Joe and I hung out on the balcony, which is always enjoyable and peaceful. It got REALLY hot sitting out there in the middle of the day though, so I went in and back down to the Screen Door for some SHOPPING! I had stuff to buy for me, and to fill some requests from friends.

I only bought one thing for myself:

I love these. I measure foods very often to keep my portions in control, so if I'm doing that, the cups might as well be fun, right?!

Back in the room I took some information pictures with a friend who just bought into the Vacation Club at the Boardwalk in mind, but I'll share them here too. This is the kitchenware that the Studio Villas come with:

4 glasses like this

4 mugs. The Villas used to have TEENY mugs (or maybe they still do in the 1-bedrooms?), it's nice that these are a decent size.

Paper bowls - but they are sturdy enough for milk and other liquids

Paper plates - again sturdy enough for any food

Plastic wear, a can opener and bottle opener.

Microwave info

At 4:00 PM we woke Henry up and headed outside to the boat dock...

Up next: A Little Cowboy and a Little Kung-Fu

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