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We left off in Pizza Planet, with Henry "playing" video game after video game. I eventually peeled the boys out of there and we moved onward.

We didn't really have an agenda for the night, we just figured we'd do whatever caught our eye.

And what caught our little man's eye but a shiny red car and a rusty tow truck?

This is a very cute meet, Henry loves to touch and hug his buddies!

After saying good-bye to our buddies McQueen and Mater we were craving some Chinese food

Dedicated to my Disney friend Jordan! Henry and I both gave our best moves and had a bit of fun.

We wandered the Streets of America for just a bit.

And then thought we'd head in to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground for Henry to blow off some energy....but it was closed! I didn't realized it closed early. A bit of a bummer, but it makes sense, since it would soon be dark.

Across the street from the playground is the dump shop for the Backlot Tour, and Henry had been asking, pretty much non-stop, for the little monorail guys. So in we went and out we came

Success! And believe it or not, we still have ALL of them.

We wandered through Pixar Place, which we usually avoid unless we are going to ride

Just think of the crowds here should they expand with more rides. Yikes!

And eventually we found ourselves here

The show was about to start, and we hadn't ever done it and have always wanted to - so in we went!

The theater is amazing! Wow!

I really had no idea what to expect, I couldn't remember any detailed information about the show from things I have read. We enjoyed every minute! What a very cool and fun show!!! Henry still talks about it! (though, he is frightened of Ursala. I don't blame him!)

The effect where she turned into a human had me in awe! I'm sure it's something simple, but man, it looked COOL!

After the show we decided to go check out the wait time for RnRC, on the way I noticed something on the hat

The stars sparkled! I had NEVER noticed that before! You can see the little glimmer here on the lower star.


I don't even know what shop this was...it's right on the corner by Starring Rolls.

It was a cool evening, so I got me some

and we all shared a cookie that was as large as Henry's head!

Unfortunately, Rock 'n Roller Coaster had a 30 minute single-rider line, we so vetoed it and headed back to the Great Movie Ride.

On the way

Eventually we arrived

There are two different story lines to this ride.  You either get a Mobster or a Cowboy that takes over your car.  I have never seen the Cowboy so I chanted "Cowboy" over and over again on our way in...


But we got...


Someday I will get the cowboy!! I just might ask next time, but I like the element of surprise.

Henry was asking a question approximately every 9 seconds during this ride. I tried to distract him during the Alien scene, which made him just want to look even more. Which also scared him. He was scared of the gun shots, wondered what happened to our guide, why there was a skeleton and who the Wicked Witch was. It was tiring!

After our ride through the movies we ventured back over to Rock 'n Roller Coaster - the line was short! So I hopped into the line first. The boys hung out in the gift shop because it was a windy and cool night, I rocked my way through and soon Joe was riding. Henry was d-o-n-e with that gift shop, so we ventured outside and played air guitar

Soon Joe was done too. Henry was more than done (if you catch my drift!) and it was time to go.

At 8:50 we left the park to some very dramatic music just as a boat was pulling up. It was a fun moment, walking, with flair, to the music - Joe and I decided it was the perfect soundtrack of not having to wait for a boat on a cold and windy night! Ha!

Soon we were back at the Boardwalk, we stopped for some awesome Disney popcorn

Said hello to George...


Is it just me or is it even more weird that his eyes glow even under refurb? Even though I love George, the black tarp over his "mouth" just makes it all bizarre!

And finally we were back in the room.

Which is what Henry had been asking for since the minute we purchased his little monorail guys.

All he wanted to do was


This is the one night of our vacation that I went to the gym. I had high hopes of going more often, but well...

However, I had an AWESOME workout! I did a 5k! I had never run one before and was very proud of my accomplishment.

When I got back to the room Henry and Joe were watching Off to Neverland that they had borrowed out from Community Hall. They were snuggled into bed and half asleep.

After the movie, and just before we turned off the light Henry wanted to look out the window...he was looking for Peter Pan. <3

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