Late night rides

Let's keep this ball rolling with another update from our Feb/March 2011 Walt Disney World trip! You can find all the updates I've done so far HERE

We left off after Soarin' and we were crossing the park to use up our Test Track FastPasses. Now, if you recall, Henry did not really enjoy this ride from our first night-but, I hadn't fully noticed that he had been scared-he just went quiet, which, at the time, I figured was because he was a bit tired. So I didn't think twice of bringing him on this time....and he didn't hesitate jumping into line either-so I thought all was well!

Hidden Mickey!

When we got to our numbered squares, the Cast Member working the queue started to play a game with Henry and the numbered squares - basically quizzing him on his numbers, while we waited. What a very cool Cast Member! I mentioned, in passing, that Test Track was his favorite - and she gave us our FastPasses back so we could ride again! YAY!

Soon it was our turn and we started to zip around the ride.

In the heat room...he always does this! LOL

In the cold room. Brrrrr!

And after the ride, of course, we had to check out the cars!

Safety first!

And the dump shop

After we left the shop we told Henry we could ride again...YAY!

But...he refused.

He completely shut down.

In my notes I wrote, "H was a bit testy and didn't want to ride????? No idea why!"

I was a bit confused and bummed, we tried to convince him a bit, but it was a no go and almost resulted in a melt-down, so we weren't going to force him. (but look at that pic in the car - he was obviously scared!  I hadn't really looked at our picture at the time, just scanned our PhotoPass card and moved on.)

He requested Peter Pan.

HA! Wrong park!

BUT! We had those FastPasses that the Cast Member had given us the previous day while at the Magic Kingdom, and they expired today...and there is a monorail straight to the park...so why not??? Let's GO!

While on the monorail Henry started to get completely nutty and hyper, while I was fading...isn't that how it always works?! Kid is ready and raring to go, while the parents are falling asleep!

Soon we arrived:

Onward to Pan!

One very happy boy about to ride to Neverland!

"Let's fly!"

After we landed, we tried to convince Henry to do Pirates, but he was very fussy about it and adamantly did NOT want Pirates. On our previous trip one of the cannon balls from the ship actually got us a teeeeeeny bit wet and he remembered that...and didn't like it. (and just so you know, later in this trip we bribed him onto Pirates - and he's now obsessed!  But we'll get to that later in the trip...)

So, instead of Pirates we were off to Buzz!

While waiting in line Henry is literally bouncing off the walls. He's completely wired and wild and not obeying...which just made my tired self completely irritated and almost resulted in a Mommy Meltdown, but we survived.

After Buzz he is D-O-N-E. It's like a switch. Wired to tired. I was more than fine with that! I was at the end of myself for the night. We walked back over to Pan and gave away the couple of FastPasses we had left, then headed for the Castle.

As we walked through the Castle on our way out, a door popped open and Ariel stuck her head out!!! There were lots of guests in the little room she was peeking out from. I had no idea what that room was for or what was going on. Since I've been home I found out that little room is where the elevator to go to the Cinderella Suite is! Apparently Ariel was crashing Cindy's pad with her friends for the night! LOL

As we walked out of the Castle the Kiss Goodnight started, so we paused and enjoyed that

Video: Kiss Goodnight (1:15) - it's not great, there were a lot of people around us talking, so you can't hear the audio very well. But you kinda get an idea!

And on Main Street I spotted this

It was the only one with a light on. Pretty clever.

At the buses, the line for the Boardwalk is CRAZY long, but a Yacht Club/Beach Club bus came first, so we got on that. The bus driver was from Minnesota and a hoot. The bus was full, with people standing, so at every turn he'd shout out "Hard left, everyone say 'Whooooooooooooa!'" and everyone complied. It made the very full bus ride a bit more bearable.

At the Beach Club another guest asked about how to get to the Boardwalk, and he decided he'd just take us there since there were quite a few of us! Woot!

We got into our room at 10:55 pm. I was exhausted, I had a blister on my toe and I'm just feeling a bit off... Hopefully a good night's sleep would make for a happy boy and a happy Momma.

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