A little cowboy

Continuing with the Feb/March trip to Walt Disney World.  See all posts HERE.

We left off as Henry had woken up and we headed out toward the boat dock. We had decided to head to Hollywood Studios that night!

I am a huge fan of this boat ride from the Boardwalk Resort to Hollywood Studios. It's incredibly relaxing AND you don't have to fold up a stroller.

Our room was in the red section on the right, top floor, first window.

We soon arrived and first things first, we have to say hello to Bo!

Hello beautiful Hollywood!

As we headed down the street, Henry spied something we've never seen before - and that he very much wanted to try. So we waited in line with the appropriate PhotoPass Photographer, and when it was our turn, the Photographer put his hat on Henry and...

Ride 'em cowboy!

Isn't that cute?!

The horse didn't move, but none of the kids swarming it seemed to mind!

After our little cowboy was done with his ride we kept on moseying

Love Streetmosphere!

The giant hat. Rumor on the street is that this baby is going bye-bye fairly soon...no set date, but we shall see.

Our stomachs were growling, and Starring Rolls was closed, so we opted for a place we knew Henry would love.

Come on, it's this way

Over this way

Here we are!

We like this place. The pizza is pretty good and the atmosphere is fun!!

Upstairs seating - which is where we generally choose to eat because all the arcade games are downstairs. Upstairs has less distractions and we can actually get Henry to eat!

Henry's meal:

Kid's cheese pizza, apple sauce, cookie and milk


Pepperoni pizza


Veggie pizza

After our bellies were full we headed down for some fun. I don't believe we actually put money in the machines here. Henry doesn't really mind one way or the other, so we only pay if Joe is playing too!

While Henry was busy shooting down bad guys or racing a car, I noticed this woman rockin' out on Guitar Hero. Seriously, she was awesome! She drew a bit of a crowd since she isn't your typical Guitar Hero player and that she was really good! It was fun to watch her have fun with it, I enjoy watching other people experience the fun at Disney!

Up next: Hi-ja!

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