Look at all those lazy people on the lazy river!

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As we left off, we had made a decision to head out of Epcot and back to the Boardwalk for a nap, then to Stormalong Bay for some more pool time.

We opted for the boat back to the Boardwalk - probably because it was there waiting for passengers when we stepped out. Staying at the Boardwalk twice now has made me a BIG fan of Disney boats. They are so relaxing, it's like an attraction in and of itself!

See you soon Stormalong Bay!

See you in August Yacht Club!

We were soon rolling down the hallway and were in our room where we promptly laid Henry down and attempted to rest ourselves.

However, remember that cup of chocolate mousse Henry had? How many grams of sugar do you think are in there?!

Ya...no nap. It wasn't happenin' no matter how much we tried to bribe him. So, off to the pool!

This time we decided to tackle the lazy river and we rented a tube. If I recall correctly, the tubes are $10/day, or $3/hour. We rented for an hour, and the Cast Member told us to just return it whenever.

Joe and Henry went around the river first

And then Henry wanted to dig, so Joe kept floating when Henry and I played in the sand.

After Joe went around a few times, I took a turn in the tube while the boys did the sand. Later, Joe and I took turns swimming laps around the lazy river area since it's 7 feet deep. I really enjoyed that, it's not a huge loop, but enough to provide a good swim a couple times around.

Then...guess what we did next?

If you guessed "Dig in the sand." You are correct!




Joe and I would lay on the edge of the water while Henry dumped buckets of water on us....this was incredibly entertaining for quite some time.

Then we dug in the sand a bit more.

And some more.

We still had the tube, so the boys hit the lazy loop again, I decided to really be lazy and hit the lounger for a short NAP.

Yes, this was another good day at Stormalong Bay! We left the area around 5:30 due to growling stomachs and....I was growing antsy. I needed to get more Epcot!

We peeled Henry away from the sand and before we even left the pool area he was sound asleep.

Back in our room we slowly prettied ourselves up and then wheeled to Epoct. Henry must have woken up in the room, because by the time we got to Epcot he was raring to go!

He received a Woody sticker at the gates

A quick PhotoPass on the bridge

We had Soarin' FastPasses that were burning a hole in my pocket, so the logical place to eat was

Sunshine Seasons was a big hit with Henry back in September, so we were hoping for a repeat of a good meal.

Despite the beauties seen here, there really is only one choice for this family...

Mine - Ginger Mongolian Beef with veggies and noodles

Joe's - Spicy Cashew Chicken with rice and noodles

We must have been really hungry because usually we just have Henry share off our plates, but this time he got his own!

Henry's - Kids Sweet & Sour Chicken with noodles. He actually requested broccoli. :-O However, I knew he'd eat one or two piece and waste the rest, while he would gobble the noodles, so I shared my veggies with him instead. It was a Proud Mommy Moment when my 3 year old requested vegetables!

And now for the glorious, wonderful...

Drool. I love, love, love this dessert.

When we were done eating all our plates and garbage were pushed to the center of the table where Henry spotted a Hidden Mickey

It's a bit of a gross picture with all the trash, but...I was still proud! Look at that Mickey with the plates!

And soon it was time to

Henry was SO EXCITED to soar! And he got a little red card necklace dealy-do, which made him even more excited!

Let's fly!

After this ride I think I discovered my favorite Disney sound. The click of the seat belts coming off after this ride. It's funny-they do the announcement of how to get out of the seat belt while everyone is pushing, pushing, pushing on the red button and then suddenly BOOM! we are released and the clicking fills the room. It's the end sound of an awesome ride. I have no idea, but it just strikes me as a fun noise. I'm weird like that. :-P

As we walked out I snagged a geek shot

Kinda cool.

And now...it was time to use those Test Track FastPasses...how would Henry do???

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