And the award goes to....

ME!  Brook Wozniak!  The World's Worst Blogger!

Give me Facebook, give me Twitter, give me message boards or a cell phone for texting and you can get a play by play...blogging....why do you always fall off my radar?

Well, I've been thinking.  I truly want this blog to be a snapshot of our lives.  In NYC, during our travels, our beliefs, our kid, our thoughts, etc!  US.  The Woz Blog.  However, that does take TIME.  And I want to share all our wonderful adventures with you, and that too takes TIME.  Sooo...I'm going to be doing some revamping of the blog over the next who-knows-how-long.  Eventually I would like a section for our vacation adventures along with a gallery of pictures.  I also want to include some stuff on our awesome neighborhood of Astoria, and tips on moving to NYC since I know that is a question that thousands of people Google on a regular basis!!  I would love to be a resource of some sort for that.

With all that said, the latest that I want to share with you is about our trip to Washington D.C. over Easter.  I'll do it in a quicker style than my Disney trips, in 1-3 blog posts.  (That's a challenge!) Then I won't feel burdened by it, or that it's dragging on for well over a year. Ha!  I'll try to do our Disney trips like that too...though, they might be more 3-5 posts...

And speaking of Disney trips, we'll be on our first ever CRUISE in June!  It's departing from NYC, so it's incredibly convenient.  I.cannot.wait.  2 sea days, Nassau, Castaway Cay (Disney's private island), Port Canaveral where we get a 1-day Park Hopper ticket to Walt Disney World, and then 2 sea days back.  I'll be spending my 33rd birthday on the beach in the Bahamas.

Seriously.  That is amazing!  I can almost feel the sand in my toes, the turquoise waters in front of me, a drink in my hand...

So anyway, back to reality, tomorrow I'll be back to post an update about D.C.  I am purposely going to carve time into my schedule and not allow the blog to disappear from my life again. :)

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