A Woz Adventure to D.C. Part Four

And 6 months later...I post.


I haven't forgotten about this blog, and have high aspirations for it, but well, it gets knocked to the bottom of the list...

Anyway, let's go back to Washington D.C.!  It was our last day in the nation's capital and we had a full agenda!

First, through the mall to the train.  We had a few comments about this store...along with another store in the mall that only sold clowns.

Smithsonian welcome center

We went inside, thinking there was something in there...but there wasn't really.  Maps, and information center and that's about it!

This was cool.

Back outside!

Next we were off to the Air & Space Museum - we got a bit turned around on the way there and ended up in an art museum, but quickly figured it out.

Being that we have been to Kennedy Space Center in Florida twice, much of this was similar/the same, but it was still great.  And free!

There was a very crowded hands-on area, but we did what we could.

Then we caught a little show, "Forces of Flight"

Driving the plane

You can still see the moon dust on this one

The aft end of Saturn V

Henry and I waited in a long line to see the insides of a shuttle.

Then we moved into a section with airplanes.

Wright Brothers plane

Looks comfy...ugh!

There was a plane you could go inside of...so we did!

Then it was time to shop!  Souvenirs for the boys here were a must-do! Ha!

Joe and his beloved space pen.  #2 for him, he still has one we got from Kennedy years ago!

This came home with us.

This didn't...but I LOVE this picture!!!!!

If I kept notes on our trips, this would be perfect!

Bye Air & Space!

Next we walked over to the Archives.

Gorgeous building.

There was a bit of a line to get in here, and no pictures were allowed but we saw the Declaration of the Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  The meaning was lost on Henry obviously, but this was very, very cool for Joe and I.  We will come back here with Henry when he's older and understands it a bit!

And finally we were about to do what I have always wanted to do...see the White House!  Unfortunately we weren't able to get inside.  You have to request a ticket so many days in advance and we were about 8 days too late.  Next trip!

The Easter Egg Roll was going on

We walked around the block to the backside.

In my head I always imagined it MUCH bigger.  I kinda like that while it's a beautiful building, and it is big, it's not this crazy palace.

Future President in front of his future home. ;-)

He will be a fun President!

These homes are basically across the street from the White House - beautiful!!

There was a beautiful brick wall and I couldn't help but take a couple snapshots of my little dude in front of it.

And with that, our Washington D.C. adventure is over!  We took the bus back home, and the ride was as uneventful as the one there.  There was some traffic coming into NYC, so it took 5 hours instead of 4, but overall was fine.  While the bus worked nicely and was cheap, next time we'll try the train!

Since this trip we did a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas in June, and then Walt Disney World in October.  I also went on a second Disney Cruise to the Western Caribbean with some girlfriends.  It's been a wonderful year of travel for our family!  We look forward to more adventures in 2013!