NYC & Kids

As you likely know there are a million things to do in New York City.  If you are bored, it's by choice. However, sometimes finding things that are child-friendly can be somewhat of a challenge...a 5-year old is only going to last so long in the Met!

Before we even moved here I found a website that is FANTASTIC for ideas with kids, Mommy Poppins.  It highlights all the "kid's days" at the museums, hundreds of restaurants are listed and more.  It's truly awesome.  I've shared it with MANY other Mom's!

Right now Mommy Poppins is having a big holiday giveaway...

Today's prize is a big box from Toys R Us!  Can you imagine the child's face when they open this?!!

Check it out: http://mommypoppins.com/family/the-hottest-toys-r-from-toys-r-us

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