2013 Woz Travels

2013 is here and the Wozniak's are ready to TRAVEL!!

Here is what is on our agenda so far:

February - D.C.  We had such a good time last year, we figured it would make a perfect long weekend!  We are taking the train this time, and staying right in the city.  We hope to visit the aquarium and a few other sites we missed...and probably go back to the Air & Space Museum.  Can't get enough of all that nerd stuff.

March - Walt Disney World!  The plans around this are still a bit hazy, but we ARE going!  I hope to visit with my Mom and her boyfriend for a day or two since they live there now, and maybe even squeeze in an off-site adventure...I'm thinking SeaWorld, or Discovery Cove, or perhaps even the "dark side" - Universal Studios.  We'll see!

August - Minnesota.  My Mom is getting married!!  It will be a great time to visit with family and be a part of the celebration.

I know there will be at least one work conference in there, possibly two.  We also hope to CRUISE again this year, and I'll likely have a "girl's trip" in the fall at some point too.  Perhaps a long weekend in Boston if Joe has to go there for work, or a quick trip to Philly.  Time will tell!

I'll try to be good about sharing our adventures... :)

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