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Workin' hard...

As you all know I am a travel agent, and I specialize in Disney vacations; however, that is NOT all I book!  I have sent clients on various cruise lines, to tropical destinations, on a non-Disney Orlando vacations and more!  All destinations have their own set of courses I can take to become more familiar with their offerings, and I am slowly working my way through them.  I have completed Disney's (and keep up on all their courses, as it is the destination I book most often!), and last year I earned the highest level from Norwegian Cruise Lines - I am Freestyle Certified!  Such a fun name.

About two weeks ago I completed the "Hotel Excellence" course with Marriott  and just today I finished my courses with SeaWorld Parks!

I really enjoy all this training, I have done a number of classes with Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines as well - but not quite enough yet to earn my designation.  I will be finishing those soon, but first I am going to become a Universal Specialist!  I have many clients that have taken a day from their Disney vacation and headed over to Universal and Islands of Adventure, I look forward to getting to know their product more intimately and visiting myself.


Putting a PDF onto your iPhone

This post is written with my clients in mind; however, I figured others might find it useful as well, so I am posting it here!

I often send a PDF copy of the personalized planner I make my clients, many prefer both a paper copy and the PDF.  I'm a PDF gal myself, it's just SO easy to have it right there in my back pocket.  To know the park hours, crowd levels, dining reservations and more, without shuffling through papers, is ideal for me.

However, sometimes people aren't quite sure how to get the PDF I email them onto their smartphone...keep reading!  If you have anything other than an iPhone, I don't know how to do it - but I'm guessing the process is fairly similar.

So, I just sent you your planner - open your email on your phone.

Click on the email from me.  You can see the attachment at the bottom of the email.  Click on it and it will open.  Sometimes I find I have to click it twice for large files.  I believe the iPhone only partially downloads some of the file at first, then will download the whole thing.  My client planners are usually large - so be sure you are on wi-fi when you first download it!

The planner opens in a Mail window:

And now the important part.  You see the icon in the upper right, an arrow coming out of a box, directly below the battery gauge?  Click on that.  You will get a few choices for other apps.  By clicking that icon, you are saying "Open in..." and then you can choose another app.

If you don't have an app to open it in, exit out and go download the free Kindle app first.  It's very easy to use and a great way to view PDFs because it loads quickly.  Then re-do the above steps until you are here.

Click on "Open in Kindle" (or your chosen app).

That app will directly open, with the planner in it!

On the Kindle, you can zoom in and scroll around.  My planners are more than one page, so you'll be able to see all the pages at the bottom of the screen.  You can bookmark a certain page (the icon on the top bar on the far right), you can click on the box with the arrow again and email it to another person in your party.  It's really slick!

Now you have your planner right at your finger tips!  Keep the paper planner I send you in the mail for your resort room, and this one as your "on the go" version.

I will say, sometimes the Kindle app doesn't open the PDF right away.  It's a bug in the Kindle app.  Just go back to the email and do the "Open in Kindle" again.  Kind of a pain, but, it happens.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Green Monday

Have you ever heard of Green Monday?  I hadn't until this morning -- apparently it's TODAY!  It means we are getting veryyyyyy close to Christmas and retailers break out one more big discount day - similar to Cyber Monday.

So in honor of GREEN MONDAY, I'm offering a $50 gift card with any Walt Disney World package bookings today!  Including the Free Dining package that is still available through this Saturday with travel dates January - March 2012.  $200 is all that is needed to hold a reservation and is fully-refundable up to 45 days before your travel.  I will make sure you get the BEST discount out there for your travel dates too!!

Happy Green Monday!  And if you are online shopping today, I hope you snag some wonderful deals!


Black Friday

Black Friday is coming and everyone knows what that means....your belly will be full with all the goodness from Thanksgiving and SHOPPING DEALS!

I've been browsing the ads a bit, but nothing we particularly want (and can afford) is popping out, plus I don't want to exactly be in a crowd like the one above.  And living in NYC, that is COMPLETELY realistic! LOL  So I'll be shopping from my jammies in front of my computer. :)

On top of that I will be offering my own Black Friday deal!  Yes, it's true!  While I cannot offer discounts on the Disney Vacation Packages themselves, I can offer incentives in other ways.  So stay tuned and spread the word - if you send me a referral you will get a $25 gift card when the referral travels!


My Travel Facebook Page

I recently created a Facebook page for posting the travel deals and news I come across.  I post deals for all sorts of vacations -- Disney included of course!  I am also working on uploading pictures I have taken on our various trips (both to Disney and beyond).

I'd love it if you took a moment to go 'Like' it and follow along! 

Brook Wozniak - Vacation Specialist with Mouse World Travel


$25 Disney Gift Card Giveaway!

The Travel Agency that I work for, Mouse World Travel, is having a giveaway!  For every 100 people who "Like" them on Facebook, a $25 Disney gift card will be given away at random to the followers!!  That gift card can be used at any Disney store (or online), in the Disney parks, or on Disney Cruise Line.

Please take a moment to "Like" Mouse World Travel - and share this with anyone who might be interested, or wants a chance to win!

Mouse World Travel on Facebook



As you may have noticed, I'm now a Travel Agent (and looooooving it!).  I work for Mouse World Travel specializing in Disney vacations (but can book just about anything).  I wanted to do a quick note here to pimp out my agency's Facebook page.

I just said "pimp out".

What is a better term???!


Moving on....Anyway!  If you read my blog here and are interested in taking a Disney vacation, my agency - Mouse World Travel - always posts the latest Disney discounts on their Facebook page.  PLUS, we are going to be doing giveaways there soon too - so click HERE and "Like" it to stay updated on it all!